At Last, ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar Opens in Truxton Circle Wed. at 5pm! Have a Look Inside and at the Menu

by Prince Of Petworth July 12, 2016 at 10:22 pm 38 Comments


3rd and Florida Ave, NW

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek and taste Monday night but wait till you see the spectacular photos of how the space turned out (here are the before photos I took back in April 2015) by Farrah Skeiky. Here’s taste of the first floor but lots more photos after the jump:

Photo by Farrah Skeiky

But first the facts and the menu:


“ANXO is a nickname for Basajaun, the mythological creature that taught the Basques ironworking, sheepherding and agricultural practices before disappearing back into the woods. Similar to the Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, and other “men of the woods”, ANXO is a bridge between the natural world, from which it came, and the modern world it helped create.

Opening date: W ednesday, July 13th, 5PM

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday: 5:00PM ­ 12:00AM F riday & Saturday: 5:00PM ­ 1:00AM
Monday ­ Closed
Kitchen closes one hour earlier

Owners: Sam Fitz, Rachel Fitz, Cooper Sheehan, Tim Prendergast, and Alex & Sara Vallcorba

ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar aims to reinvigorate interest in traditional cider, one of the Mid­Atlantic’s oldest drinks. A focus on close relationships with local and international cidermakers is central to the ANXO mission, and will enable ANXO to maintain an unparalleled and highly curated selection of cider. ANXO will produce its own cider on­premises and at a second DC location opening this winter. Natural fermentation in oak barrels and a focus on heirloom apple varieties native to the Mid­Atlantic will lead to a limited product that is notably different from the vast offerings ANXO will present from around the world.
ANXO will honor the Basque culinary traditions of honesty, simplicity, and quality by showcasing local producers’ best efforts. The menu will feature pintxos (Basque small bites made to be eaten with cider) as well as larger dishes meant for sharing. In addition to serving house­made cider, ANXO will have an ambitious beverage program featuring more than 20 ciders on draft poured through a custom­built draft system designed to showcase cider as the producers intended. The extensive beverage program will have an additional 16 draft lines dedicated to beer and cocktails, as well as a tightly focused wine program highlighting the lesser­known wines of the Basque Country and surrounding areas.”

apples out front of course

and a great patio




no joke


3d printed awesomeness


Lots more photos of the amazing renovation inside after the jump.

Photo by Farrah Skeiky

Photo by Farrah Skeiky

And on the second floor:

Photo by Farrah Skeiky

Photo by Farrah Skeiky

Photo by Farrah Skeiky

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I went to the soft opening, and it seems great. I didn’t have time for a meal (just had a few small things), so I can’t judge the food, but the space is great. The service was really good (especially for a soft opening) as well. I tried two ciders, and they were very unique (not like sweet American ciders). I liked them both but someone I was with didn’t like the Basque cider I tried (thought it was too sour) . I would def recommend trying one of the Basque ciders though (at least share one for the table) because it is a bit of a unique experience.

    • nathan

      Whole Foods P had a Basque cider (not from Anxo) they were selling at their outside cafe a couple weeks ago. It almost reminded me of a sour beer; was very good. I’m really looking forward to checking this place out.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Good to know. Did they come with the special top to aerate them? The ones are ANXO have a splash top thing and you only pour a sip at a time. The splash on the bottom of the glass is what “carbonates” it. It was definitely much less bubbly than a normal beer/cider though. As a point of clarity, most of the ciders and ANXO (at least currently) are not from ANXO. I think they had two collaborations at this point. Also, for those who might not like the dry/sour ciders, there was a portion of the menu that the waiter described as having “sweet” ciders. I didn’t try one though.

        • Barijho

          Grand Cata in Shaw carries 3-5 Spanish ciders and have the little top to aerate them if you want to give it a try.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            Good to know!

    • Philippe Lecheval

      I love a cider as dry as possible, but I have to wonder if a crowd that’s used to Woodchuck and Angry Orchard is going to go for this stuff, and I think that hard cider is probably a passing fad. And I’m glad that small plates have finally arrived in DC!

      • womp

        i’m excited to try this place out! overly sweet cider (i’m looking at you Angry Orchard) turns my stomach.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        As far as sweeter ciders go, I like Woodchuck, Bold Rock, Jack’s, Sonoma, etc. and still could enjoy the sour/dry ciders and ANXO. Redd’s, Angry Orchard, Johnny Appleseed and that ilk are nasty though (and taste chemically sweet to me). That said, I also like prefer dryer versions of these ciders (e.g., Day Chaser by Woodchuck instead of Amber).

      • Anon

        They’re definitely not going for the Angry Orchard crowd, if you will…

      • AnonV2

        Those aren’t “ciders” at all (Angry Orchard, etc. with the exception of the original Woodchuck, not sure about all of the derivatives these days). They are cider-flavored malt beverages, a direct descendant of Zima. ANXO is serving the real deal. Their local collaborations are with Millstone. If you are ever up north of Baltimore I highly recommend checking out their facility, it’s right off of I-83.

        • NH Ave Hiker


        • Anonamom

          Thank you for this recommendation! They are not far from me now, I will have to check them out.

      • NH Ave Hiker

        it shouldn’t be a passing fad, it was the drink of choice for most early Americans! John Adams was known to drink a tankard of cider every morning with breakfast.

      • Binker

        I hate this comment so much. First, people can drink Woodchuck and Angry Orchard and also like dry cider. People are complex. Second, cider isn’t a fad – it’s thousands of years old. And third, small plates have been in DC for thousands of years.

        • ApplesAreGoodForYouInAllForms

          lol love this

      • wdc

        LOL @ “hard cider is probably a passing fad”. Never been to the midwest? Or the northeast? Or the pacific northwest?

    • NH Ave Hiker

      Cider is supposed to be dry and sour – when juice turns into alcohol, all of the sugars should be fermented out. The crap like Woodchuck either has added sugars after the fermentation process, or the process is stopped before all of the sugars are eaten by the yeast.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Whether it is supposed to be something or not is irrelevant. I said that I liked the ciders, but someone I was with didn’t like one because it was too sour. I was letting people know that the ciders at ANXO are different than they may be accustomed to and may not be for everyone.

        • NH Ave Hiker

          Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like I was bashing your experience – just wanted to add that tidbit of info in there.

  • DRC

    Wow, the décor looks insane. That’s gotta be the biggest 3D printed part I’ve ever seen and must have cost an absolute fortune in material, if not labor to design it.

  • King of Kennedy

    Any word on when ANXO’s cider production facility and tasting room are opening on Kennedy Street?

    • We are currently dancing with DCRA. Hopefully we”ll have permits this Summer and open in February. Stay tuned!

      • King of Kennedy

        Oy, good luck with that dance. Keeping fingers crossed!

        • sunnytime

          +1 Hope the DCRA process isn’t TOO painful! Looking forward to having you on Kennedy and will visit you on Florida in the meantime!

          • Sydney

            Really is a shame that DCRA would impede the work of a fine business, but allows vacant, blighted buildings within two or three blocks of it to stand at low, friendly tax rates. One amazing sample has been abandoned for years, but still gets a homestead deduction AND a Senior Citizens deduction.

          • DCRA is a Disaster

            DCRA is an unmitigated disaster. Reforming it so that small businesses can open their doors in a timely manner and with minimal expense should be an election issue.

  • CatieCat

    Next door to my house, Yay! Walked by last night and the place was full! According to twitter they couldn’t wait till today, so opened the doors last night! Very very excited to have this so close!

    Oh, and my great grandfather was Basque, born in a small town called Orbara outside Pamplona, and the food I had in that area was the best I’ve ever had in my life. Definitely an underrated cuisine!

  • oh2dc

    I’ve had a few, but I’m not really too familiar with ciders. Looks like a beautiful spot to do some investigating.

  • jumpingjack

    I went to the popup at Crane and Turtle a month or so ago. The food was excellent. My BF, who is into cider, enjoyed the selection, especially the sour ones.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Yes! Can’t wait to try it. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  • MtP

    The space looks amazing. We went to the pop-up at Crane and Turtle (RIP) and the food and cider was delicious. Pretty similar (though obviously more expensive!) to the pinxtos in Basque Country.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Ah! My people are officially represented in DC! Now if only they can pronounce my last name when I walk in!

  • PetworthMom

    Definitely excited.

    Just grabbed a reservation for two weeks from now.

  • v

    so exciting! I have been obsessed with Basque since watching Gran Hotel on Netflix. The Folklife festival is all about Basque and right before I read this post, I was researching my imaginary holiday to Basque country.. Now it HAS to happen. i think it’s a sign. Checking this place out PRONTO

  • North-East-West-South-Shaw

    Great job on inner decor. Welcome to the neighborhood! Def. worth the wait.

    On the side note, I saw some potential renovation activity going on the other side of 3/FL (in the abandoned store front looking building). Anyone has any clue?

    • Truxton Thomas

      My understanding is they fart around on that building from time to time to avoid being declared vacant. I’m not holding my breath!

  • Sydney

    Went last night. It’s a drop-dead gorgeous space. It’s almost a museum of design, from the lighting (natural and indoor), the re-purposed furnishings (old wooden chairs from the Naval Academy are super-comfortable), silverware, walls, paint colors, views . . .. Every bite was delicious, but it will take a lot of visits to work through the menu. Can’t wait to try the $125 prix-fixe for two. And the ciders: who knew there could be such a range? Owners and staff are supremely gracious, and knowledgeable, and fun — and full of energy for this marvelous undertaking. What a gift to the neighborhood and to our city. No, I’m not an investor, but wish I could have been. Simply a beautiful restaurant. I only hope it’s not “too” popular, because the vibe last night was sublime.

  • todd

    A very talented interior designer at work here. Hope the food is equally impressive.


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