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“According to the police report, three suspects with the estimated age of 13-14 years old pepper sprayed a female on L Street”

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2016 at 4:29 pm 8 Comments

via google maps

Thanks to a reader for passing on from the Camden apartment building management [60 L Street, NE]:

“We wanted to make you aware of an incident which occurred last night. At approximately 10:30 PM, there was an attempted robbery of a resident and their guest on L Street. According to the police report, three suspects with the estimated age of 13-14 years old pepper sprayed a female on L Street in between our building and the Mathematica building and attempted to steal her purse. The suspects fled without the purse and fortunately, the resident and guest were not injured beyond the pepper spray.

We have the footage of the suspects on camera and have provided this to the police to aid in their investigation. If you have any information, we encourage you to contact the Washington DC Police Department at 202-727-9099.”

  • JM

    Thanks for posting this. Anyone else notice that even though DC Metro’s Twitter agreed to start posting breaking news relating to crime in the city, they have not been posting everything or nearly as much as last summer. If it weren’t for your post I would still be taking that shortcut home at night where those two women were robbed. Several times, I’ve heard gunshots followed by police sirens and silence on their Twitter page. Last summer, an update would be posted in 15 min or less.

    • bll

      are you talking metro as in subway or metro as in police? If it’s police I completely agree about the postings. I don’t see stuff updated quickly and often the most recent news is several hours, if not a day old. not saying that crime doesn’t happen, but that seems odd to me considering we live in a large city.

  • caphillnative

    And your comment is still offensive. Being hung is an appropriate punishment for pepper spraying someone? You got some internalized issues you need to work out ASAP

  • On Capital Heels

    Your comment is incredibly inappropriate.

    Personally, I want to see 13 and 14 year olds who are already so beaten down by life that they’ve turned to crime get the help, guidance, and support they need to stop throwing away their entire futures for the contents of a random stranger’s purse. Today, it’s a purse. Tomorrow, it’s federal prison making a nickel an hour.

    But getting back to your comment, who the h*#% cares what color you are?!?! But if you really are black, then you should know there are more than enough folks out here in this country who would also love to see YOU hanging beside them, for doing nothing other than simply existing. Both sentiments — theirs and yours — disgust me!

  • On Capital Heels

    Prince of Petworth – I can no longer see the previous comment I posted to this story. It was truthful, not hateful. And I’m not sure why it (apparently) was moderated and deleted. I see far worse on any thread with any hint of racial implications on this site.

    • The original hateful comment was deleted. When that happens the replies to that comment no longer show up.

      • On Capital Heels

        Ok, thanks. I appreciate the personal reply, and I do thank you for moderating this fantastic site you’ve created.

  • admo123

    I walked right by here about 5 minutes after this occured, right after the NoMa outdoor movie ended….very scary..thank you for posting, I never saw any DC Crime Alert posted


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