“A random act of kindness, as seen from an S2 bus.”

by Prince Of Petworth July 14, 2016 at 10:20 am 9 Comments

good people
Photo by PoPville flickr user Julian Ortiz

“Dear PoPville,

I was on a bus going up 16th St last evening and the traffic was crawling. Coming close to Columbia Rd I saw one reason for the slowdown – a car being pushed up the street by two people. No easy task in rush hour, and in today’s heat and humidity. Vehicles were making room for the car to be pushed over until it was in the curb lane.

Then I saw a pedestrian step off the curb, get behind the car and start pushing. A few feet up the street someone else got behind the car and started pushing the car. A few feet more, another person joined in to help push the car onto a side street and out of heavy traffic. The people who helped push the car then walked off in different directions. A random act of kindness, as seen from an S2 bus.

With all that happens in our sometimes not-so-fair city, there are also times when the kindness of strangers shows up in unexpected places.”

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s a good reminder that not everyone and everything out there is a miserable flaming turd.

  • MCR

    I saw a bunch of EMTs and ambulances at the corner when I was on the S9 around 6:15 last night – anyone know if that was at all related?

  • Anon

    OP hers- this was after 6:30

  • tom

    Great story here that reminds me of a group of passerbys that helped me out of a snowbank during the last storm we had. Don’t know what I would have done without that help. Thanks for this post and the reminder of the kindness of strangers.

  • I keep feeling like the best way to help our country out of the state it is in is for all of us to care a little more for each other. I’m in the process of planning a neighborhood trash pick up and bbq. Two birds (cleaning up and getting to know neighbors), one stone. I figure I can buy some Costco burgers and dogs.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Stubs, I agree and think your idea is great! What neighborhood are you in, depending on where you are / when it is, I’d be interested in helping out if possible

  • Anons

    Love these stories!
    Yesterday on a crowded bus, one seat near me became vacant. Older gentleman gestured to me to take the seat as I was signaling for him to sit.
    The teenager sitting next to vacant seat got up so both the elderly gentleman and I (not-young female) had a seat.

  • anon

    I saw the aftermath of a crash at 16th/15th and Irving around that time. I think someone was already loaded into one of the ambulances when I arrived. I think it may have involved a motorcycle, as there was someone walking someone walking away with a helmet and a motorcycle unattended, though the bike did not look damaged based on my unqualified assessment.

  • DF

    Same thing happened to me in ’10 during one of the snowstorms. There was no way our car would make it to the end of the block without neighbors helping to push it!


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