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  • That MAn A

    Best of luck
    for some reasons this seems like it may be one of those high turnover locations
    not sure why but thats just the vibe i get… hopefully im wrong and 801 will be around for some time

  • Christian

    Why did Dunya close down again?

    Is it just me or are all our new bars/restos beginning to look exactly the same, with appeal for one type of person?

    • Ghost

      yeah I generally try to avoid these types of places, just kinda boring stale experience honestly. And food is usually underwhelming and over priced. If I had more money maybe I would feel differently

  • kwame

    I think this will do well if they target the Brixton and Takoda crowd. Both of those places have lines down the block and this should alleviate some of the crowds.

    • James

      I was there on Saturday, and it is exactly what you’d expect from the people behind FrontPage/MadHatter/Shaw’s Tavern 2.0. It’s basically another Brixton overflow or alternative.

      • divebar311

        Of course, it’s benefit is location, location, location. Has anyone been to Hawthorne? It sounds and looks a lot like this place and from what the other comments state it attracts the same crowd….


  • c

    Was there on Saturday, nice terrace but nothing special. I can think of many other places I’d rather be for a $7 Blue Moon in a plastic cup.


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