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“we seem to be having an increase of Dirt Bike drag racing”

by Prince Of Petworth June 7, 2016 at 3:00 pm 18 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Now that summer is here, we seem to be having an increase of Dirt Bike drag racing on Columbia Rd and 18th in Adams Morgan. Now, I normally hear the sound of motorcycles and other loud vehicles often times, but this is unique because 1) They are drag racing in the middle of the night, 2) This has been a common occurrence not only weekend nights, but also nights in the middle of the work week. I heard in the past that the police have had problems with dirt bike riders, and disturbing the peace and making loud noises in the middle of the night is not something to be proud of. Plus, people riding the bikes could get seriously hurt. I want to see if any Adams Morgan residents have heard the same things, and if so maybe we can band together and ask the Police to do something about it.”

  • The famous boat

    I was woken up by them last night on U St!

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Welcome to Ga Avenue on a regular basis
    best approach: deal with it because no one, including MPD, will move a finger

    • Marty

      MPD is paralyzed as they are afraid of an innocent getting injured (during a chase, for example). While I certainly appreciate that, at some point the risk:benefit ratio shifts, and something actually needs to be done.

      • C_petworth

        I can understand exercising restraint to avoid bystanders being hurt during a chase by eventually a bystander is going to be hurt by allowing this kind of activity to continue.

      • ParkViewneighbor

        Get in line my friend
        For years, they’ve been around and nothing has ever happened. WIth Lanier as MPD boss, the cops won’t change anything for fear of bystanders injuries
        as if bystanders could not be injured by these idiots….

    • tom

      Seems MPD could do more with carmeras. Take their picture, ID them and then arrest them later. It is probable at least some have prior records.

  • B

    They were out in North Petworth last night too.

  • Karen

    You mean they’ve moved from North Capitol up? We have them so regularly it’s ridiculous.

  • C_petworth

    Not only could they hurt themselves but they pose a big danger to others on the road. I was biking home from grad school a few years ago and was terrified to end up on the same road with 2 4 wheeler races.

    I think their was a post earlier this year or last about how this has been an ongoing issue in the district.

    I hope OP and others in Adams Morgan can get some relief.

  • Charlie

    I’m sure Councilmember brianE would be delighted to help you start a neighborhood watch to stop this

  • anon

    Is there a way we can combo this with the High Heel Drag Race next year? Like an xxx-games motocrossdress?

    • Y.U. Parcthar


    • textdoc


  • spookiness

    PG actually caught somebody last week.

  • K

    I live along Marvin Gaye Park in Ward 7. The park is a meet up spot for the ATV riders before scattering across the city. They drag race down the bike/ pedestrian path every night. I am truly surprised that they haven’t killed someone yet.

  • SassyinDC

    I live in Hillcrest in Ward 7, and other neighbors and I hear them frequently– Southern Avenue which borders PG, MD is a popular spot for them, as well as Alabama Avenue near Minnesota Ave. There is a bus stop close to this location (Alabama Ave) where a local reporter, Charnice Milton,–Capital Community News (Hill Rag and East of the River) was gunned down a little over a year ago by an illegal ATV rider. She was not the intended target, and of course, no one has come forward to provide additional information.

    All the retirees and people with young families DESPISE the ATVs.

    • va

      “All the retirees and people with young families DESPISE the ATVs.”

      What about the middle-aged? I would assume that you’re implying that everyone else supports them.

      • samanda_bynes

        methinks that’s just the demo there


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