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Today’s Rental has “large windows 10ft ceiling, open floor plan and Bamboo floors”

by Prince Of Petworth June 21, 2016 at 2:35 pm 13 Comments

1300 N Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1300 N Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Rare Contemporary sunny 2BR+2FB in Logan built in 04 . Featuring SS appliance, and large windows 10ft ceiling, open floor plan and Bamboo floors. Building features E-lounge with internet access, gym and building patio. Just steps away from Metro, Whole Foods, Starbucks, restaurants, bars and the energy of 14th St. Corridor!! Available July 15th, Parking Included”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,350/Mo.

  • CHGal

    I’m usually a fan of lift-type spaces, but this one seems dreary.

    • CHGal

      Also LOFTS. Oops.

    • fka Shawess

      I went to a party in this building about three years ago, and used to live a block away. I wouldn’t call the space “dreary,” exactly — the photos are doing it no favors and it seemed quite a bit more cheerful in person. But I would say that it seemed very, very dated. Like the kind of place that would have seemed really cool 5-10 years ago, but hasn’t really aged well. This place has become my own personal reference about why not to buy a new condo in a super contemporary building because it’s never going to look as nice as it does the day it goes on the market and will be hard to renovate in any other style other than “2006” style.

      • Rich

        Good summation II remember looking at this building and thinking the units were instantly dated. they also seemed small.

      • MarkQ

        Ten years old is “very very dated”? It’s a concrete box with windows, same as every other apt. or condo in DC. Fixtures, flooring, cabinets, appliances can be easily changed. It’s a decent building though layouts can be awkward and walls between units very thin.

        • fka Shawess

          In this case, I’d say it does look very, very dated. Not as a function of how old it is in years, but as a function of it having all of the features that were trendy in 2006 and few that were in fashion before or after that.
          What I mean by it being difficult to remodel is that you would basically have to do a gut renovation for it to look updated — updating fixtures, flooring, cabinets and appliances all at once. And possibly doing something with the exposed duct work and wiring. And then it wouldn’t coordinate with the lobby or the exterior. Of course, it’s *possible* to make all of these changes, but not the way I’d want to spend my own time or money.
          I actually like super modern buildings (I live in one now) but think they’re better as rentals.

          • fka Shawess

            (I already know that my current building will look laughably dated in 2026, but for 2016 it’s just perfect.)

      • SilverSpringGal

        The only serious issue I see with this place is all the exposed beams and kitschy pendant lights. It really does scream early 2000s. Get rid of those somehow and bring in more standard lighting and its fine.

      • Bullwinkle

        Most of these “loft” developments aren’t going to age well IMHO. Twenty years from now people will look at them and say “what were they thinking?”

  • CatieCat

    I lived in this building for 4 years. Not a fan of this particular ground level unit, BUT underground parking in this neighborhood is clutch, and i loved the building in general. People were very friendly and the management company was very competent. Nice to not have to worry about packages because of the doorman, and a few times i had big things delivered (like mattresses) and they would let the delivery people up and give them a tip (ie i didnt have to schlep home from work.)

  • Anon3

    The pics are kinda terrible – definitely does not sell the place. In any case, the building is quite nice – i remember looking at condos there years ago. Some of the units felt a bit small, or awkwardly laid out. But they do make the loft like space work – and some people do like it. Given the unit has 2 br 2ba with parking, at that location, rent seems reasonable. A tenant is not going to care so much about whether something looks like its 10 years old and not super trendy – but a buyer might. If things looked like it was from the 70s or 70s, that’s a different story, but it does not. For a tenant, ti think this has a lot to offer.

  • textdoc

    I’m not seeing any photos in the listing at the moment. Not sure if it’s a tech glitch, or if the real estate agent read the comments here and decided to remove all the photos with the plan of adding more flattering ones later.

  • JoDa

    Yeah, the problem with the listing is limited exclusively to bad photos (though it is slightly that the common space is *tiny*). Some genius decided to take photos in what is probably an east-facing unit at sunset and *also* not light up the rooms. I mean, the listing literally talked about huge windows and brightness and then didn’t showcase that!
    If you look closely, even the smaller bedroom is a decent size and has 2 windows. But you wouldn’t notice that if you weren’t looking since they took the pics at dark and didn’t turn on any lights!
    Tenants and buyers aren’t, generally, going to overlook bad pictures or “look hard” for features they want like multiple windows in each room. One of my rentals has best light in the morning in the second bedroom and evening in the living room (it’s not a true east-west, more northwest-southeast, but I know the light conditions). I took my listing photos at the time when each room got the best natural light. Yes, that meant I had to make 2 trips in one day for photos, but that’s a one-time thing unless I majorly renovate (no reason to do so). If you can’t be bothered to take decent pictures, what makes me think you will actually show up and fix something if it breaks? I’m sure my opinion is “harsh,” but that’s the standard I hold myself to, at least. If I’m not putting my, and my property’s, “best foot forward” in the photos, just how lazy am I?


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