Sweet yorkie mix found in SW

by Prince Of Petworth June 8, 2016 at 2:50 pm 18 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I found a female yorkie mix in SW DC this morning and clearly belongs to humans but was roaming the streets without a leash, human friend or tags. I’ve already reported her to Washington Humane, but hoping more exposure might her home safe & sound.

SOUTHWEST WASHINGTON, DC FOUND DOG: small terrier mix female found this morning 6/8 at the intersection of 3rd & M St SW. Collar but no tags. Friendly. (202) 341-1773 or [email protected] Not microchipped”

  • Art D.

    Saw ads for a missing Yorkie at P St Whole Foods yesterday. Maybe the same dog…?

  • Mary Emma

    Additionally saw signs for a lost 10 year old female yorkie in Dupont Circle. Fingers crossed all these sweet dogs find their way home!

  • Nicole

    Is this that missing dog Lex?

    • I would say, just based on the picture, that’s doubtful. I ran into Lex’s owners the other night and they said she is 3 lbs, which is very small. They folded one of their flyers in half to demonstrate, so like 5-6 inches tall. This also looks like a mix, not a purebred yorkie.
      They did ask that anyone who sees a man tearing down their signs try to take a discreet pic and send it to them. He might be the same person who was seen with the dog I think.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        jeslett, do you remember what the description of the lady who took Lex was? I saw a woman yesterday walking a teeny-tiny Yorkie down on Georgia & Park, but I didn’t get a good look as I was trying to avoid being screamed at by the crazy guy.

        • I don’t remember the description. Was the yorkie actually walking well and being somewhat compliant? The owner said she walks very poorly due to arthritis and that she is a terrible leash walker, like all over the place if she goes anywhere at all.

          • LittleBluePenguin

            I really didn’t notice, sorry! I got distracted by the angry and agitated man (who yelled some very foul things at the lady walking the dog, btw!). I’ll keep my eyes peeled though.

  • Anon

    I’ve also seen a Yorkie being walked by a man on Girard Street, between Sherman and Georgia. There are several dog residents on that block, but I hadn’t noticed the Yorkie until recently. I am certain it isn’t the recently missing Yorkie mix, but I have wondered whether it could be Lexington.

    • Anonymous poster, please contact me! My number is (917)939-2235.

      I’m Lexington’s owner. Lexington was last seen around 5/25/16 being carried around inside the jacket of a known neighborhood dog thief. The thief was reportedly trying to sell Lex for two weeks! We have no idea where she is right now, but we do not believe he currently has her in his home.

      To confirm, I am pretty much the only person that can make Lex walk on a leash. You will never see Lex running while on a leash. If she’s running off a leash, a toddler could catch her. Whoever has her is likely carrying her around. She loves strangers and children.

      Also, the woman seen taking Lex was described as being about my height (5’2″), short black hair, may be black. She was also wearing white, perhaps a uniform. She was driving a white vintage sports car (something similar to a Mustang). We’re fairly certain the woman that originally stole Lexington on 5/10/16 ditched her in the alley between Newton & Park Road NW, bounded by New Hampshire and Georgia Ave NW. We know this because another yorkie owner ran into Lex in the alley around 9:00 pm on 5/13/16 but he did not think Lex was lost because she was wearing a collar and seemed very friendly and playful. This sighting was confirmed by a certified search-and-rescue dog. We believe the known dog thief grabbed Lex shortly after she was ditched by the woman that initially stole. A man fitting the same description as the known neighborhood dog thief has also been seen tearing down our signs. She most likely is not wearing her original collar and tags at this point.

      Also, all of the all the signs mentioned in the comments are probably mine! Please visit facebook.com/FindLexington for my number, photos and updates!

      • K

        Nida – What does the known neighborhood dog thief look like? I live in the neighborhood and am often out walking my own dog and will keep an eye out.

  • DCDuchess

    The missing dog Lexie is much smaller and lighter than this dog. This terrier mix looks at least 10 lbs.
    I hope both find their way home.

    • Asdc

      I’m currently with this dog. My friend is the poster who found. Unfortunately, it is definitely not Lexington. This dog is ten pounds, mixed breed, and acts like a puppy. I took her to check for a chip earlier today. also sadly, there was not one.

  • KO

    OP might try reaching out to Pawsofsw.org. They organize volunteers for the local dog park. They might recognize the dog and would be willing to help you locate the owner..

  • aa

    This dog appears to be a mini schaunzer mixed with a yorkie (or another brown dog). I hope you find its home!

  • MorgaNado

    Posted with our SW Waterfront Dog Owners contacts. Thanks for posting.


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