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Props to the Internet – Unique Stolen Bike Recovered in Shaw!!

by Prince Of Petworth June 7, 2016 at 9:45 am 57 Comments


Yesterday morning a reader reported:

“Someone rode off on our surrey bike today. It was parked on 6th street so my cameras didn’t catch them going down Marion. I don’t think they will get very far. Please help us look out for it. It’s very (VERY) conspicuous.”

Around 3:30pm that day C.Jønez tweeted us:

“is this it?? Spotted just now passing Shaws Tavern on U st being ridden by 4 younger looking people.”

I emailed OP who sent the photo above: “we got it back thanks to your tweet!”

  • Accountering

    Hopefully this guy actually gets charged… This is not okay…

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Also charged with one count of Third Degree Pants on the Ground. I wonder if anyone has tried to make suspenders seem cool to people who wear their pants this way? Someone really needs to capitalize on this idea.

  • Petworth dude

    Also, props to that one cop for rocking the aviator sunglasses and not settling for the wrap-around Oakleys like everyone other officer in the MPD.

    • LedroitTigah

      Umm – yeah, is it wrong of me to think that cop is pretty hot?

      (call me, policeman)

      • 16thSter

        If you’re wrong so am I. ; )

        • LedroitTigah

          If we’re wrong, I don want to be right!!!! (had to!)

          • jdegg


          • Anon

            Does anyone think he looks like Bennett from OITNB?

      • Why would that be wrong? Everyone needs some love!

      • hillyeah

        he is smokin!

      • houseintherear


      • Truxtoner

        I literally only clicked on the Comments section so I could write about how hot that cop is. I have zero shame. He is hot and I want him to come and read me my rights.

        • mellodcd

          Yes… this.

        • Time for PoP twitter magic to play match maker. Hopefully this will be more successful than the girl who keeps writing in about the guy she wanted to talk to but keeps not doing it. (or maybe the sexes are reversed, I can’t keep track)

          • LedroitTigah

            I would be on board with PoPville matchmaking me with this fella – come at me, cop!

          • Truxtoner

            Well, if he’s into dudes, let me know.

        • anon&confused

          Yes! Me too! He is so handsome!

        • Anon


      • textdoc

        I hope somebody tells this cop that people on the Internet are drooling over him. ;)

      • Anon

        Ha! Was thinking the same thing

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Cops wore aviators all the time, before you were born.

      • AsAMother


  • Trinidaddy

    feel good story of the morning, so far

  • ANC

    I’d like to know how the perp(s) thought this scenario might go. Because this is the most likely scenario in my mind, but then, I’m not a criminal mastermind.

    • U neighbor

      Then I’ll fill in the rest: They knew — based on the fact that not even violent criminals suffer any legal consequences — that yes they’d get caught, and they would get off scot free.

      • MarkQ

        Yeah, cause the jails and prisons are so empty in this country/

        • facts

          Highly irrelevant. There must be consequences for breaking the law.

          • wdc

            Fine by me. As long as they’re the same consequences for everyone. If we can’t manage that level of competence in our criminal justice efforts, THEN I question your statement.

          • SilverSpringGal

            like spending 6 months in jail after being convicted of rape? If the stanford guy got that, joy-riding bike guy should get 2 days.

          • wdc

            I’ll go on to add that the only way to end the shocking inequality and all its ill effects in this country is to dismantle the systems that perpetuate it. Bleating “but the LAW!” over a brown kid who stole a bike while a white kid from money is doing a joke of a sentence for violent rape? And you wonder why there’s so little respect for the systems that are supposed to keep us safe?

          • facts

            So if this guy stole $5,000 from you, you wouldn’t want him to be prosecuted because injustice exists?

          • victoria

            I agree for penalties/punishment etc. for real crimes. But seriously, they stole the Surry with the Fringe on Top. Yes, they are stupid minor/ joy riding idiots. But any kid of any race/economic strata etc. with the slightest touch of sideways gumption would steal this thing in minute if they could.

    • jaybird

      I think the plan was to turn left on V St. and head to the 3rd district station. Its more earth friendly that way.

  • DCDuchess

    I want more details on how this arrest went down. So OP spotted tweet on PoP, called the cops and they actually came out?? I am surprised and happy bike is back home!

    • textdoc

      I was hoping (perhaps in vain) that the tweeter also called 911 and didn’t just tweet.

      • 7thStTechGuy

        A few folks called 911 about it, and flagged down officers.

        • textdoc

          Ah, good!

        • victoria

          Called 911 because why? They had read about it on POP? Which is , I guess, sort of cool in the Batman way.

          • 7thStTechGuy

            Actually the folks that owned the Surrey posted it in the Lost and Stolen Bikes of DC Facebook group. I saw it yesterday morning, and was walking my dog mid afternoon and these dummies rode by me on the sidewalk on U street. So I called the cops, spotted a couple walking and showed them the posting on the facebook group. From the looks of things, a bunch of others did the same.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Justice, this was fun to watch!

  • EcceNerdo

    Why are we blurring out this guy’s face? He was caught red-handed with stolen property, this isn’t an “innocent until proven guilty” situation. I really want to know what the guy looks like in case I see him hanging around my neighborhood.

    • ZetteZelle

      He could claim that he found the bike and thought it had been abandoned. (I sat on a jury recently where the defendant claimed that the loaded semi-automatic gun the cops caught him with was something he had just found in an alley & was on his way to the police station to turn in.)

    • Just search for tweets sent to @PoPville if you really want to know, you can see his face there.

    • jcm

      POP isn’t obligated to blur out the faces in a picture taken on a public street, but your statement is pretty disturbing. All situations are “innocent until proven guilty” situations. That’s one of the bedrock principles of our country.

  • ET

    Obviously not the brightest bulb in the pack. I mean who steals something so utterly unique? I mean this isn’t a blue 2 wheel beater that looks not all that much different that any other blue 2 wheel beater.

    • dcd

      Yeah, not the most thought-out plan here.

    • Anonymous

      They were expecting to ditch the bike after a couple hours of joyriding before the cops showed up. The thought never crossed their mind that they would get nabbed. Happens all the time with stolen scooters and cars.

  • KBM

    His biggest crime was going out in public with his shirt off.

    • Anon

      How I wish that were an actual crime.

    • Anon

      The cop should have let him borrow his shirt. Would have made for a better picture, amirite?

  • anon&confused

    Um, so happy that the bike is back with its rightful owners, but also so happy that this story’s happy ending features the hottest cop in DC. He is rocking those aviators.

  • navyard

    I thought DC had a “no chase” law? All these knuckleheads had to do was keep pedaling, and they could have got away!

    • 18th Street

      I don’t think these things go fast enough to merit a “chase”

  • navyard

    Also, do you rent your surrey out? I’d love to take it out on the streets with some friends. OP must be awesome to own a surrey!

  • Rodrick Crider

    Thanks everyone for helping me track the bike down. I’ve told the cop to check out the comments section here. Maybe he’ll follow up. I think he was straight though.

    The bike is pretty trashed unfortunately. I’m gonna start working on it tomorrow, hopefully have it back on the road for the pride parade. It’s part of the Balance Gym parade ensemble.

  • Cops Producer

    I heard it was a high speed chase through the U st corridor and they would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids from the Internet.

  • Trini_mami

    Omg…that cop you all are drooling over has read your comments…and his head has blown up like a hot air balloon. …and yes..I know him.


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