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Move Your Damn Car – Vol. 2 – Fed Ex

by Prince Of Petworth June 19, 2016 at 10:02 pm 7 Comments


A reader nominates:

“This Fed Ex truck was completely blocking the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Rhode Island Ave and Q St NW right in front of Seaton Elementary School. It was during the evening rush hour on a week day. The driver was nowhere to be seen. This is already a dangerous crossing because cars fly off Rhode Island and onto Q without looking for pedestrians. As you can sort of see from the photo there was plenty of space for the driver to pull up so they wouldn’t be blocking the pedestrian crossing but apparently they just couldn’t be bothered.”

  • What a douche. Get the plates / vehicle number people!

  • Truxton Thomas

    It wasn’t until I started pushing a stroller that I discovered how careless drivers are with wheelchair ramps.

    • saf

      I am currently on crutches, and have been using a cane for the last few months. It’s amazing how inconsiderate people are about mobility issues.

  • DC Denizen

    This makes me so angry. I see the same behavior with taxis and ubers as you cross the street. They’ll pull right in front of you, oblivious to the fact that you are crossing. Then they’re like “sorry, sorry” while they put the fare’s stuff in the trunk. But they don’t move the car! It’s so obnoxious. Meanwhile, the fare isn’t being helpful either. At least you could flag down your taxi or uber in something other than the crosswalk. This city really needs to crack down on driver behavior, but especially these delivery trucks, taxis, and ubers who completely disregard pedestrians.

    • lbw-dc

      I wish people would tell Uber drivers and taxi drivers to pull over into an actual spot or at least out of the way of traffic/pedestrians before they will get in. It’s a major disruption to traffic (car and pedestrian) to have them just sitting there in the way. And not safe at all.

    • “This city really needs to crack down on driver behavior”
      If they did someone would inevitably post “I can’t believe this is what they do with their time, I have a much better (but not provided) idea of what they could do with their resources”.

  • lbw-dc

    We should take this a step further, photograph the plates, and send it to the company along with the date and time. Or maybe just tweet it at the company? Whatever is easiest (so it’s not too cumbersome and we can keep doing it) and will most likely reach someone who will do something with it.


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