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Homestead Announces June 23rd Opening in Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth June 15, 2016 at 10:22 pm 34 Comments

3911 Georgia Avenue, NW

Swampoodle has officially broken the ice!

From a press release:

“The team behind The Blaguard – the beloved neighborhood bar in Adams Morgan – will officially open its new restaurant, Homestead, Thursday, June 23, 2016 in the heart of Petworth at 3911 Georgia Avenue NW. The menu – developed by Executive Chef Marty Anklam – will focus on chef-inspired comfort foods in family-style portions, seasonal cocktails, and local, responsibly sourced ingredients. Homestead’s opening marks the first solo restaurant venture from Nic Makris, co-owner of The Blaguard, as well as the return of Chef Anklam to his hometown roots.

The team of locals – who first met during grade school and have remained friends ever since – hope Homestead will become a mainstay for Petworth neighbors, District dwellers and visitors alike. “DC always has and will be our home and we want Homestead to reflect that,” said owner Nic Makris. “It’s a place where people can gather with their friends time after time because we’re here to take care of them. The food and drink you eat should be as good as the company you keep.”

In the spirit of true home-style cooking, Homestead will rely on its relationships with high-quality purveyors such as Roseda Farms (MD, VA, PA) and Copper Penny Farms (MD) to offer diners a menu focused on fresh produce, meat, and game. Menu highlights include Lamb Bacon BLT Sliders ($9); Catfish Nuggets with cajun sauce ($8); and Slow Roasted Prime Rib with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable Mélange ($40), in addition to Dry Aged Braised Short Ribs and Homestead’s Roseda Farms Meatloaf, both served family style with three side dish choices ($70). Homestead’s bar program will tout a dozen rotating beers on tap. In addition to beer, the drafts will include numerous ciders, wines and house-made cocktails.

The 4,000 square-foot restaurant will accommodate 175 diners across three levels: A main floor dining room and bar; second-level mezzanine and outdoor patio accessible by its own street-level entrance; and a third-level bar featuring its own outdoor patio. An extra 70 seats will be available on the two, upper-level outdoor patios during warm weather months, in addition to plans for a rooftop garden from which Chef Anklam plans to grow the kitchen’s own supply of fresh herbs and vegetables. In addition, Homestead – which was built as a residential row house in 1922 – features woodwork refurbished from the original building and reclaimed artwork from local DC sources such as Bistro Francais, Community Forklift, Cochrans Lumber and even a Park View row home throughout the space.

Homestead will accept reservations for dinner by phone at 202-627-2371. The restaurant’s opening hours will be 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. from Sunday to Thursday, and 5 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Brunch service will begin on July 1.”

  • quincy dude

    I get that it’s a big family style thing, but anything with a $70 price tag at a restaurant is a hard sell. Bet that concept won’t last long.

    • textdoc


    • Especially for short ribs and meatloaf, two of the cheapest possible meat options to produce.

    • dcd

      It depends on how many it serves. If that’s $70 per person (although I can’t imagine), no way. If it’s sufficient for a family of 4, with three sides, that’s a different story.

      • Hopefully it’s more generous than that ramen shop that opened recently with a “family meal” that contains one ear of corn and one biscuit.

    • quincy dude

      Even if it truly serves 4, something about that $70 price tag that’s hard to swallow. Get three family members / friends to all agree? I’m not convinced. I think 4 $20 meals is an easier sell, but I wish them luck with their creative ideas.

  • A

    Super excited, but that blue sign. Really?

  • Guillermo Brown

    I’m not familiar with the building, but it looks to have a street-level space. Just an idea for the owners: offer some easy carry out. There are zero good sandwich spots around the Petworth metro….maybe an idea for the lunch crowd?

    • Anonymous

      Second the lunch/carry-out option… G Sandwich shop nails this concept.

    • Dan

      I live right up the street – don’t know if there is much of a “lunch crowd”. Funny how this place opens before Slims. Slims is my white buffalo.

      • Anonymous

        You’d be surprised how big the lunch crowd is. Half of the people at the Coupe live in Petworth. We’ll know soon enough. Both Slims (if it ever opens) and Timber Pizza will serve lunch.

  • neighbor

    Place opens after over a year and there’s nothing but complaints here?!? At least try it first!

    • Well, it’s not actually open yet, so there’s nothing to try at the moment.

    • anon7

      Totally agree. I’m psyched about this place and think its going to exceed expectations.

    • Yay!

      + 1
      I’m super excited! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for giving our neighborhood a try. (Don’t listen to the keyboard critics, listen to your actual customers.)

  • JFred

    I love the Blaguard and I am super excited for this place to finally open. I’ll admit, the large family style stuff isn’t likely going to be for me, but if the space has the customer service, beers/food, and happy hours like the Blaguard- I’m all in.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Well this is a nice surprise! Looking forward to trying it! Textdoc – maybe a HH here in July? :)

    • textdoc

      Maybe. I kind of want to avoid this place just because its aesthetics annoy me so much (the pop-up and the balcony railings)… and the press release doesn’t help.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        ha! Fair enough, but I still plan on checking it out – if I recall correctly, they were supposed to have a great line up of drinks!

      • Dan

        Agreed. Also, don’t forget the silly video that was on the PoP post a few months ago. It was basically a guy (owner?) doing a selfie video (the camera frame contained nothing but his face the entire time) as he walked through the half-finished building.

        Hooray for investment in Petworth whatever the aesthetic. Bring those with $$$ to spend up to our hood.

  • Shep

    please, please have vegetarian items!

    • ke

      Congrats on the opening, and hope to try it out! Another plea for veg items! I eat meat generally but will often get the veg options at a restaurant. My wife is vegetarian. We dine out often and would love having another neighborhood option. But, if a restaurant doesn’t have veg options, we just plain won’t go. (And a “veg option” is not a selection of side dishes.)

    • DF

      As someone who was vegetarian for 10yrs and often eats meat free, I’ll say it’s hard to find a restaurant in DC that DOESN’T have vegetarian options. I’d be shocked if this place was any different.

  • I’m going to think that $70 likely serves two to four. If you take any logic from other family style restaurants, the price point is generally $12-18 per serving. But Nick has been creative in making The Blaguard a staple and inviting place, I can’t imagine him giving you a terrible experience here. If something doesn’t work, he’ll likely tweak it until it does.

  • Rog

    My god people, if you guys hit the lottery, you would complain about the tax bill. Give it a chance, then go to your normal fallback position of complaining everyday.

    • Dan


    • TX2DC

      +1 gripe, gripe, gripe

      • I find that countering with positive comments about the restaurant/business/whatever has a much stronger effect over complaining about the complainers.

  • Petworth Anonymous

    I’m just glad we’ll finally see the end to such an incredible eyesore next to Qualia. I’m genuinely grateful for new things coming to Petworth, but the amount of time this took to build was insane.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I had planned on avoiding this place like the plague if their food offerings weren’t chef inspired, but now I think I’ll give it a try.

  • Petworth neighbor

    Given the number of families with small children in Petworth and nearby neighborhoods, I wonder if Homestead will feature any type of kid-friendly spaces? I went on a trip out west recently and was struck by how many food establishments (breweries included) have play areas for children. It makes going out as a family much more enjoyable when you can sip a beer and send your restless toddler over to a nearby corner to knock some blocks down rather than your dinner plate!

    • DSB

      Funny, others call that lack of parenting….

  • Anon AdMo Rez

    It’s already a win if it’s cleaner than The Blaguard.

  • timmyp

    Will it have TV’s?????? Please say yes. I’m very excited about this place. I love Reynolds and Looking glass but this is much closer for me to catch a game. I’ve given The Pitch literally 10+ chances. I just can’t do itagain. It’s terrible.


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