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“H Street NE neighbors–hide your plants and remain vigilant!”

Our poor plant!

“Dear PoPville,

It appears we have an H Street NE garden thief on our hands! Much to my surprise, as I left my home the other morning, I noticed that someone came along and cut the entire top off the dracaena plant in my front yard. This was not a simple assault either, clearly the horticultural pillager knew how to surgically remove the top of the plant in one cut. Why did this horror occur? Was someone just that envious of it’s beautiful green leaves, or was someone with a greener thumb than me sympathetic to its languishing? This plant had been with us for quite some time, so I’m very saddened by this!

I would chalk it up to kids, but the plant was not pulled out of the pot or broken. Clearly, as the picture indicates, someone precisely cut the top off. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them before? This is certainly bizarre. H Street NE neighbors–hide your plants and remain vigilant!”

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