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“H Street NE neighbors–hide your plants and remain vigilant!”

by Prince Of Petworth June 16, 2016 at 12:55 pm 11 Comments

Our poor plant!

“Dear PoPville,

It appears we have an H Street NE garden thief on our hands! Much to my surprise, as I left my home the other morning, I noticed that someone came along and cut the entire top off the dracaena plant in my front yard. This was not a simple assault either, clearly the horticultural pillager knew how to surgically remove the top of the plant in one cut. Why did this horror occur? Was someone just that envious of it’s beautiful green leaves, or was someone with a greener thumb than me sympathetic to its languishing? This plant had been with us for quite some time, so I’m very saddened by this!

I would chalk it up to kids, but the plant was not pulled out of the pot or broken. Clearly, as the picture indicates, someone precisely cut the top off. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them before? This is certainly bizarre. H Street NE neighbors–hide your plants and remain vigilant!”

  • NEhomeboy

    This might be a guy who lives on my street – Emerald street NE – he has been doing it for the 3 years I have lived here. I have personally caught him taking my flowers a few times, he is somewhat indignant about the entire situation and seems to think he is entitled to flowers, though he has never butchered our plans as bad as the image above.
    I am still not sure which house is his or his name, but he is an older white gentlemen with a beard below average height and really just starts mumbling when questioned directly about his flower theft.

    • Can’t really “hide” my plants, as they’re all planted in the ground, but thanks for the warning I guess? My roses, lavender, hibiscus, etc all spill out over our fence (our yard is raised above street level), which was honestly my intent from the beginning, to provide eye / nose level goodies for any flower lovers to enjoy, and if they take some from time to time no biggie. If you take good care of your plants they can usually recover from some pretty big injustices.

      • Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be directed @NEhomeboy, although I do live not so far from Emerald myself.

  • jcm

    That’s how you propagate dracaena. The thief is going to repot it, and it will root from the stalk.

    • Brentwood

      I was wondering if it was that sort of a plant, too. Green thumb looking for freebies. (Back in the 60s, my grandfather kicked my uncle out of the house for growing weed in the attic. My grandfather then found some shoots and bits that hadn’t been dried yet, and proceeded to plant them and grow his own pot in the attic. And then got really, really paranoid. When my grandmother discovered his stash and confronted him, his excuse was “I just wanted to see if it would grow.” )

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Kids don’t care about your plants. It’s probably someone suffering from a mental illness. Being at war with plants/trees seems to be a common symptom of some illnesses.

  • K

    That is really random and weird. Someone really wanted a Dracaena and didn’t want to shell out the $11 at Lowes for a new one.

    On Mother’s Day morning someone picked all my bearded Irises. The thought of a neighbor kid picking them all for his mom kind of made me smile.

    • Brentwood

      I gave my neighbor’s daughters (who were visiting for the weekend) a couple of sprigs of lavender from one of my plants and some cut flowers I’d been pruning, while explaining how seeds work and why bees are our awesome friends (I mean, they seemed interested, I wasn’t just like “Children, you will take these and listen to my horticulture lecture!”). When I came back from walking my dog, I found handfuls (much, much more than I’d given them) scattered across the ground (my yard is elevated and I have an assortment of trailing flowers spilling through the fence). Oh well. At least my dahlias are safe in the back yard.

      • ANC

        My 2-year-old is a flower thief in the making. I have to watch her like a hawk at all times outside our yard or she will shred others’ flowers. But the flowers that grow inside our gate? Couldn’t care less.

      • navyard

        Thank you. I love that story! Especially picturing you sitting some neighbor urchins down and beginning a serious lecture!

  • also anon

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