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  • EOTR_Res

    Wonderful! We need more flower boxes like this everywhere. Although, I see they have a few foxgloves growing there. Foxgloves are extremely poisonous to both humans and pets. Even standing water on a foxglove can sicken a child if accidentally consumed. I do love foxgloves (and bees love them too), but you just need to closely supervise any children or pets around them.

  • This is really cool. I was going to plant a pollinator / butterfly breeding ground in our big treebox since it’s in a no parking area, but I have no faith in dog walkers to keep their crap out of it.

    • textdoc

      Try garden border fencing — the short metal decorative things that come in pieces that you can hook together. Even if dog walkers still let their dogs pee there, it would limit the pee to the perimeter

  • Tracy T.

    Um…no, Albemarle & Connecticut is not in Chevy Chase. Van Ness, or maybe Wakefield, but not Chevy Chase.

    • Ah Wakefield – that’s it! I was chastised for calling north of Albemarle Van Ness/North Cleveland Park in the past. Wakefield is right!


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