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Frustration Mounts as More Shots Fired on Jefferson Street

by Prince Of Petworth June 5, 2016 at 9:12 am 40 Comments


Update from MPD:

“At approx 12:40 AM we received multiple calls for the sounds of gunshots in both the 800 block of Jefferson Street and the 700 block of Gallatin Street, NW. Our Shotspotter system also detected the sounds of gunshots in the block. Officers responded and located cartridge casings in the block and a few vehicles that had been struck by gunfire, but we did not locate any victims or suspects. During the preliminary investigation we did gain some information on possible suspects and Fourth District detectives are actively investigating the case.

If you or anyone you know has information regarding this case, we ask you to call Command Information Center at 202-727-9099 or the Fourth District Detectives’ Office at 202-715-7506.”

A reader reports just before 1am Sunday:

“Just now. Dozens of gunshots. Same exact place as last time. Jefferson between 9th and 8th. Cops are here. Only took a sec.”


“Actually there were 2 drive bys. One on Jefferson and then another one a minute later on gallatin”

From twitter:

“@PoPville another fucking drive by. Sounded like a machine gun this time.”


“1yr old sleeping #help”


“Home from work at 2am via bus & SCARED!”

“@DCPoliceDept why is our corner taped off with a shooting, but no tweet or report? @PoPville”

  • MG

    It wasn’t the “same exact place as last time.” It was 1-2 blocks away. Negligible difference, of course, but for the sake of being technically correct…

  • Shmoo

    Also on Gallatin between 7th and 8th. Probably about 10 shots fired around 1am

    • NT

      Yeah, I heard these and watched the MPD response from my window. I was wondering if these two incidents were connected. Very close, time and location.

  • Bill

    His would appear to be separate (but maybe related?) from the shots I heard fired around 5th and Ingraham around 11:45pm.

  • I live at 8th and Gallatin and it was at 12:40am – at least 10 gunshots were rapidly fired. MPD came really quickly and were out there looking around for at least an hour (I finally fell back asleep around 1:30am and they were still out there with their flashlights and the my block taped off. So scary – I’m getting really tired of this. 2 weeks ago someone threw a large rock through my living room window while I was home. In the middle of the day in a Saturday. Obviously not on the same level but scared the crap out of me nonetheless!

    • Starbucks_Dave

      Seriously, put the house on the market. If you MUST live in Ward 4, come up north to Shepherd Park, or the Takoma/Brightwood side of town.

  • John

    The most frustrating part of it is that there’s no sense of urgency on the part of the city. They are willing to accept this as normal when the residents aren’t. VOTE THEM OUT.

    • Anon

      What makes you think that “the city” is “willing to accept this as normal”?

  • jim_ed

    Just to make sure Brandon Todd can sleep safely at night, did you make sure to call 911 when someone shot up your street with a machine gun?

    • Anonymous

      You know, I get the optics of having Todd respond, “Have you called 911?” Are bad, but seriously… Do you honestly think that was his only action taken? I know first-hand he has been working with MPD night and day. Too many times when someone tweets, texts or emails an elected official, MPD etc about a crime; they do so before calling 911. It delays response time, so I get why he said that. Hell, some people see a crime taking place and they report it on the MPD listserv instead of calling 911. Number one priority is getting cops on the scene as quick as possible. So does his response look bad? Yes. But am I going to make a huge deal out of it? No. We have bigger things to worry about. My guess is that Brandon Todd is just as frustrated at the lack of results by MPD as we are. However, until the mayor agrees to make changes in District 4 MPD, we may be stuck.

      • Kennedy St. Neighbor

        Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was his only response. He may be “working with” MPD, but nothing gets done and nothing changes, as is obvious based on us continuously having this conversation about this neighborhood. Someone above said it: the city officials seem content to continue to allow this to happen. As residents we need to stand up and advocate for ourselves, and demand that the city pay attention and make changes. It starts with our elected officials– Brandon Todd is not the answer.

      • Dan

        I agree regarding personnel changes at the 4th District. Police Chief Lanier need to replace Commander Manlapaz. There have been 3 police commander changes at 3D within the last year. Who is the police Lt. for this area?

      • jim_ed

        If you know first hand that he’s working with MPD day and night, then You must be one of his staffers, because I live in the neighborhood, attend ANC meetings, and subscribe to the 4D listserv, and it’s been radio silence from Brandon Todd.

        And no, he gets no break from me for making such an asinine statement after a shooting to ask if someone has called 911. This wasn’t a bunch of dudes loitering and pissing in an alley – where that response might be appropriate or in any way helpful – this was multiple shots fired in front of someone’s home. No one in their right mind here’s a succession of gunshots outside their front door and thinks “gee, I should call my ANC commissioner” before immediately calling the police. It was an useless, empty response from a council member whose self proclaimed entire raison d’être is responding to consituent issues. Yet here we our, our main constituent concern is not being murdered in the crossfire of continuous violence from local morons and his only response is “gee, I guess you should call the cops”.

        • Anonymous

          You need to voice your concerns to Bowser. This whole crime wave is on her watch. I do blame Todd for part of it, but this is the changes Bowser and Lanier made. Agree Todd should be more vocal even if he is an ally with the mayor. That’s helps us in some respects, but also hurts us when he should be going after her stronger.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Vote Andrews.

  • brookland_rez

    Summer in the city has arrived.

  • Anon

    When I said “exact same place as last time” I meant this one: https://www.popville.com/2016/03/cherry-blossoms-and-gun-shots/

    It’s Jefferson St between 8th and 9th. Dan just put the wrong link. But who could blame him? With all the shootings in Petworth lately, who can keep them straight?

    • textdoc

      Isn’t that (southern) Brightwood Park, rather than (northern) Petworth?

      • No, 9th and Jefferson is North Petworth. The boundary is Kennedy.

        • textdoc

          Ahh, OK.
          Very near the border, then.

  • Brightwood Park

    We have got to vote out Brandon Todd and vote in Leon Andrews on June 14. Todd has no interest in dealing with tough issues, no ideas about police policy or strategy, has passed nothing related to crime (or much anything else). He shows up to senior events and meetings on the Gold Coast. He has no idea about policy, only about answering phone calls and looking into things. Brandon might best just resign and work for Leon as constituent services manager – his day-to-day work wouldn’t change (though he might spend less time fundraising from city contractors).

    Andrews has worked on youth and crime prevention across the country with the National League of Cities. If you want solutions to serious problems, vote for serious people.

    • Anon

      +1 million

    • Dan

      I don’t know anything about Leon Andrews, however, I voted for him yesterday during early voting at the Chevy Chase Community Center. Anyone has to be better than this kid Brandon Todd. The guy is a total idiot on public safety and legislative matters. Yes, Brandon Todd jumps when the residents in Shepherd Park, North Portal, and Colonial Village have concerns. Most of your high ranking African American D.C. Government officials live on the Gold Coast along with many Attorneys and Judges. It’s also a class issue to when get city services.

    • Anonymouse

      Other than working for the National League of Cities and never having attended any community meetings until he needed people’s votes, what exactly are Leon Andrews’ qualifications? And what’s his crime prevention plan?

  • stacksp

    It might be worth finding out what crew has an issue with the Jefferson St dealers. Someone is coming around there and shooting at those guys on sight.

    • Nearby Rez

      My neighbor witnessed one of the recent shootings, it was a young guy shooting what he thought was a shotgun in fast succession, very loud. He boogied right fast before he called 911 (which did little) (what helped was running into a patrol officer). Turns out those of you posting about “machine guns” being used in these recent shootings are on to something. The police informed him it was a 223 Assault Rifle, no doubt!!!

      I thought all this was just a typical beef between KDY and CRT. But a buddy says he’s heard from the inside about what is going on -the old gangsters associated with Kennedy Street have totally lost control of the young crew members, who are now off doing their thing. Just freakin’ great!

      I don’t think Brandon or Leon have much hope on this one, on their own. Gonna take DEA, FBI, and US Marshals to clean up this mess. Stretching across state lines. One has to wonder what kind of protection these gangs have to run their continuing operations as they do with such seeming immunity.

      • stacksp

        Makes sense. 8th and Kennedy used to be the major strip in that area with what used to be know as the 5th and Jefferson st crew being kinda the secondary spot. Jefferson st as you state are probably not trying to share turf or clientele with the OG Kennedy st dealers so they are looking to take it by force given its a very popular strip.

  • Anonymouse

    Can someone explain what they want the city to do here? Last year, Bowser proposed a tough crime prevention bill that was basically rejected by the Judiciary Committee chairman Kenny McDuffy. Instead, he proposed to pay people not to commit crimes (and then that was rejected when the rest of the City Council couldn’t come up with the money necessary). So when our elected City Council refuses to do anything about toughening penalties, what do you do? Did you read the Post story on the incompetence of the city’s judges and federal probation agency? Until the advocacy groups and elected panderers on the City Council change their focus to be on actual taxpaying residents and not on criminals who just need to be hugged more so they stop committing crimes, you’re on your own.

  • Emily

    I was walking my dog last night when this happened. Just turned on to Gallatin from 7th St. NW. Saw a car heading east on Gallatin, then 8-10 loud pops in rapid succession. Took me a second to realize what I was hearing was gunfire. I was close enough to see the flashes coming off the gun as it was being fired. I dove into the alley as the car peeled off. Unfortunately, I was too shocked to make any note of the car, plates, occupants, etc.

    The poor dog is too scared to go outside anymore, and I can’t say I blame her. I’m glad no one was hurt (this time, anyway), but was sorry to see the damage to some of the cars parked on the street this morning.

  • Bruce

    Gun violence is simply not a priority or pressing concern at the federal level or in neighboring states where the guns come from. They are more worried about terrorist, Zika and bathrooms

    It sucks, but think of gun violence as the weather: you can’t control or reliably predict it.

    • neighbor

      Thanks bowser.

    • Jeff

      I lived in a very gun pro state, I could walk around all hours of the night, and safely.

      This is not a “gun” issue. It’s an issue with the neighborhood, people not reporting crime, a worthless court system, police dept, and inept mayors office.

  • Effective_Policies_Please

    Just checked out Andrews’ “crime prevention” platform here: http://andrews4dc.com/assets/img/IncreasingPublicSafety.pdf.

    Nothing about reinstating the vice units or giving MPD the tools and policies they need to actually go after and arrest violent criminals. It’s more of the “leveraging the national resources”, “community-policing”, “collaboration”, blah, blah. He also criticizes the camera rebate program in favor on “prevention”, in spite of the fact that video is one of the most effective ways cops catch criminals.


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