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From the Forum – Roof Repair Option

by Prince Of Petworth June 29, 2016 at 1:50 pm 4 Comments

roof repair
Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

“Has anyone had their roof redone with this: GacoFlex S2000 siliconized roof coating? We are in a rowhouse with a flat roof. Would you recommend?”

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  • 9th Street Neighbor

    A contractor will be coating our modified-bitumen flat, main roof with a GAF product called “HydroStop” (https://www.gaf.com/Commercial_Roofing_Systems/Liquid_Applied_Roofing/Membrane_Systems/HYDROSTOP_PremiumCoat_Finish_Coat/HYDROSTOP_PremiumCoat_Finish_Coat_Data_Sheet.pdf ). This company has done quite a bit of work in our neighborhood, on other roofs.

    • neighbor

      Also got GAF. Worked so far.

  • Silly Silicone

    I just recoated my membrane roof with Gaco’s silicone (same stuff you’re looking at) and could not be happier with the results.

    Cost for materials is about double the “silver paint” alternatives but the warranty is about 10x as long. Yes, you read that right – the alternatives have warranties of 2-6 years while the silicone coatings (Gaco being one of several similar products) have warranties of 50 years.

    I don’t know cost for labor since I do my own work but it shouldn’t be any different from any other coating since it’s the same process (you just paint it on with a brush, 2 coats). Labor is probably a bigger portion of the total bill than materials so it becomes a no-brainer when you consider the roof won’t need a new coating for potentially 50 years.

    My roof was gray/black before coating and the top floor was significantly warmer than the rest of the house from the solar gain. With the white coating, the temp on the top floor is now no different than the rest of the house. I don’t have the data yet but I’m sure my AC bill will be dramatically lower.

    As I mentioned above, there are several other brands. They’re all about the same cost and the chemistry seems to be similar. My only regret with this project was that I didn’t do it 10 years ago when I bought my house.

  • Vered

    I heard about a product out of California called Surecoat systems. A neighbor of mine told me about it. He said it was expensive. Anyone heard of it? How does it compare to this Gaco stuff? Seems long past time that we are able to fix roofs easier and better than with shingles or whatever else.


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