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“Emergency Meeting” Tonight about the Quadruple Shooting at North Capitol and New York Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth June 9, 2016 at 9:03 am 36 Comments


From MPD:


Date: Thursday 6/9/2016
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Fifth District Community Room
1805 Bladensburg Rd., NE

The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying a person of interest in reference to a quadruple shooting, which occurred in the area of North Capitol Street and New York Avenue, Northwest, on Wednesday, June 8, 2016.

At approximately 4:24 pm, members of the Fifth District responded to a call for a shooting. Upon arrival on the scene, members located four adult males, all conscious and breathing, suffering from gunshot wounds. The victims were all transported to local hospitals for treatment. Additionally, an MPD mountain bike officer was struck by a vehicle a short distance away from the scene, while responding. The officer sustained non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5’6”, medium brown complexion, wearing a black mask, dark colored pants and a black jacket.

The person of interest can be seen in photos on our website.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411. The Metropolitan Police Department currently offers a reward of up to $10,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for a shooting committed in the District of Columbia.

  • Trinidad

    there’s Lanier and her cruiser 1!

  • curious

    this corner is always a terrible sight, coming southbound on North Cap and turning right on to NY Ave. There are drunk/high/belligerent people there every day at all hours of the day. It is hardly surprising that something awful went down there. The cops need to clean this corner up.

    • Near Northeast

      To be fair, not at *all* hours through the day. I walk through there at 7:30 or 8 a.m. on my way to work many days, and the drunk and high people seem to still be sleeping off the previous night’s excesses. But I go well out of my way to avoid the intersection on my evening commute.

      • Anon

        You must just miss it then bc I walk through at 8 and it’s like that. Everyone leaves me alone so I don’t really care to avoid it. This makes me reconsider though as 4:24 is close to the time I would’ve normally been walking through on my way home

        • anon

          Agree. Have driven past there at 8 on Saturdays and Sundays and there are drunks and high people already congregating in front of the store.

    • 11luke

      Just shut down Big Ben. This isn’t that complicated.

  • neighbor

    If only Lanier and MPD cared that much about shootings on Jefferson. This sounds like a normal weekday in Brightwood.

    • Truxtoner

      A quadruple mid-day shooting? Yeah probably not.

    • Anon

      In what world is this considered Brightwood? Isn’t that above Columbia Heights?? Also a quadruple shooting is alarming and newsworthy regardless of the neighborhood

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Jefferson is Brightwood…this was sarcasm.

        • Petworth Pal

          Jefferson is Petworth. Kennedy Street is the border.

      • Anon

        Because day time shootings are occurring regularly on/near Jefferson Street in Brightwood and the police have yet to make a strong presence there.

        • Anon

          Ohhh I totally read that wrong and was super confused.

  • anon

    Yikes. Hope the officer makes a full and speedy recovery.

  • Truxtoner

    Close down Big Ben’s and you’ll get rid of most of that problem. That stretch between NY Ave and Florida Ave is dreadful. I do not even like walking through it during the day. Redevelopment of Sursum Corda and the continued encroachment of development from NOMA cannot get there quickly enough for me.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Does the redevelopment of Sursum Corda include Tyler House? I don’t think it does, so…

      • stacksp

        The just rehabbed the Facade at Tyler House. New signage, logos, paint, etc and I think even a new playground that never seems to be in use. Doesnt look like its going anywhere.

        • Truxtoner

          No, it isn’t going anywhere. Neither it nor Sibley House I believe are pulled in by the redevelopment. But it’s a start.

  • John M

    That strip of N. Capitol from NY Ave to FL Ave is a constant disaster. Feel bad for the businesses on that block.

  • Georgia Ave

    Decades of an endless cycle of poverty, abuse, violence, trauma, bad schools, drugs, mental illness, low employment, racial bias, and poor decisions… and now there’s an emergency meeting. Well, I hope they figure it out.

  • No Bikes

    MPD came to my office for safety meetings a few years ago and I specifically asked about the Big Bens corner because I go by there most days while biking up N Street to get home. They said it was actually not as bad as it seemed and citations there were generally limited to ‘drunk in public’ and that there wasn’t really much violent activity there. I think for the most part, that has been true until yesterday. The only time I have ever felt really uncomfortable there is when a younger teenage kid was tripping on something and got mad at my bike lights. If Big Bens gets shut down though, I will not be upset. I can also say that I almost never see any MPD officers near the store and that is not good either. A more regular presence might have helped prevent this situation.

    • DCRachel

      I live right around the corner from here, and I agree that the stretch from Florida to New York along North Capitol is not exactly a pleasant walk. However, in my experience, Big Ben’s gets the brunt of the blame for the characters who hang out on this corner, and the liquor store is just part of the issue. I see WAY more clearly strung out people hanging outside the B&V Market just next door, and I believe the market is open 24 hours too which means this is a constant issue. At least Big Ben’s closes daily.

      That being said, I have never felt threatened by anyone on the corner. And I have seen police at this corner a LOT over the past five years I have lived in this neighborhood, though I have noticed a decrease over the past year (interesting as we had a shooting in early 2015 just up the block). I wish someone would rehab the shell building at the end of Hanover and also build something on the vacant lot on the other side, as a LOT of drug dealers and/or loiterers hang out here (and the majority of them are NOT part of our neighborhood). Unfortunately incidents like this will continue to scare people off of what is ultimately a pretty great place to live.

    • Truxtoner

      Someone literally died there, what, 8 months ago maybe? There have been a handful of shootings and many muggings up and down N Street and along North Capitol. The police are often up a block at O Street or over near Dunbar quite frequently. I think they park there waiting for calls.

      I also think having the emergency meeting so far from the location of this incident is stupid. I understand why they are doing it there, but as a resident who lives very close to this, that is very inconvenient.

      • DCRachel

        I was also annoyed at the emergency meeting location. It’s incredibly inconvenient for me and anyone else who doesn’t have access to a car. According to Google Maps, it would take me 50 minutes to walk from the corner of North Cap and NY Ave or a 40 minute perfectly timed bus ride with additional walking on both ends, not to mention getting back from the meeting (at night on Bladensberg, which sounds super safe)

        I’m sure the local blogs will get a summary of the meeting, but public transportation should be considered when planning these things!

    • reality

      A few years ago CNN had a breaking news report when 9 people were shot on the corner in a drive-by…

  • J

    While I agree that that corner is often packed with drunk people, the couple of times I’ve been in the store the owners, workers and customers were all incredibly helpful and nice.

    • DCRachel

      Agree, the staff at Big Ben’s is incredibly friendly to everyone, unless a customer is clearly belligerent.

  • anonymous

    I’ve lived at North Capitol and Hanover for seven years, and I’ve lost count of the shootings that have occurred in that time either on the 1300 block of North Capitol or the unit block of Hanover. I’ve become accustomed to dropping to a crouch just in case a bullet flies through a window. I’d say daylight shootings make up close to half of those I’ve seen or heard.
    While Big Ben attracts a ton of drunks who can be obnoxious to passersby, the real problems are the dealing and gambling that largely happen just around the corner on Hanover. Money openly changes hands on the stoop of the derelict building on the corner there, either for drugs or during a dice game. The dices games then become the targets for shootings, like the one a while ago where a minivan shot up the block and then lost its door when the driver misjudged the corner on his getaway.
    If you’re on this block daily, you begin to recognize the crews and notice when someone gets a promotion, or when a new crew takes over operations. There’s no doubt that B&V Market is at the least an unofficial headquarters for most of the “business” that takes place here, although whether that is with the cooperation of its management I have no idea.
    Then there’s the constant presence of aggressive panhandlers weaving through traffic in the service lanes of North Cap, sometimes in wheelchairs, in the dark, demanding money. One of them is going to get killed before long when a driver fails to see them.
    Whenever there’s a shooting, MPD comes down hard on the area for a while, but seems pretty hands off when it comes to the constant behavior that creates the eruptions of violence. Maybe it will take yesterday’s impact on rush hour traffic to get some real change around here.

    • Truxtoner

      Amen. I’ve only lived in the neighborhood a few years but I have seen more drug transactions in broad daylight on Hanover than I can count. Meanwhile just the other day, my Uber driver (yes, because I tend to not enjoy trying to take the bus near there or walk through that area to get to the Metro) nearly ran a stop sign not seeing it and a cop at the intersection was being a total nut over it. I had to refrain from telling him to worry about the open air drug market around the corner and not about my Uber driver.

      I tend to agree that Ben’s may not be the reason, but the sooner it closes, the sooner someone will come in and put in something that will break up this loitering and criminal activity.

  • reality


  • Hill Res

    Safety Walk!!

    It seems to work in NE/SE/Cap Hill….well not really.

  • Have lived in the neighborhood for a decade, and while the community has driven change in the majority of areas, there still remains these eye sores. The City and MPD know exactly where these areas are, what happens here, and who’s involve, yet there consistently seems to be a lack of presence and enforcement.

    I think one of the points to make here, that hasn’t already been made, is that this is one of the major arteries and gateways to our city, and the mess at this intersection is what people see everyday.

    I’ll be at the meeting tonight…even though the location is halfway across the city. Pay way too much tax for these lack of services.

  • moweezy

    I drive by this intersection once a week on thursday nights, post rush hour, usually in full dark.

    There are ALWAYS ALWAYS people outside, and recently a person in an electric wheelchair rolling next to the cars waiting at the light, asking for $$. It’s not so much the people loitering that bother me (car privilege) but the people who are fully dressed in dark clothing that stand in the street asking for money, and who cross NY just after the intersection. I get it, it’s a long block, can we PLEASE put a crosswalk in there? It’s honestly so frightening to see people crossing the road willy-nilly in dark clothing. I haven’t had a close call YET, but it’s been a near thing.

    Even just some more street lights would be great on that stretch of NY between North Capitol and the entrance for 395.

  • Shaw1

    In the last couple of weeks there have been multiple assaults and sexual assaults in the Shaw area… Including one attack on a woman with her baby in a stroller. These shootings are pervasive- I’m always just waiting to hear when and where the next one happens. The panhandlers on NY and 1st by Sursum Corda are out EVERY day. The drunks and junkies are in front of Big Ben and Florida triangle park are out EVERY day. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard about shootings at Tyler house and Hannover- or the number of time I’ve seen huge squads of young guys on four wheelers and dirt bikes. The cops, the council members, the mayor and anyone with eyes KNOW the problem areas. If this shit went down in Georgetown or Dupont, you can bet they would get the resources they needed to- maybe Mayor Bowser should move into Tyler house for a while and see how safe she feels. We pay exorbitant taxes in DC- and I’ve felt safer in third world countries I’ve visited.

  • No Bikes

    Looks like Bens is back and open for business today. Shocker.

  • formerBloomingdaleResident

    Does anyone remember a 2009 shooting of four people just a few blocks away? It was the day I moved in to that street. Also in the 4 o’clock hour. May 19, 2009.


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