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  • Terry Lynch

    1700 block of Park Road NW. North side.

  • John Fubka

    Park Rd NW between 17th and Mt. Pleasant St.

  • MP

    Yes, John is right.

    At one point I heard that Dave Clarke, former ANC chair, owned this house (but lived in the house around the corner on 17th St)

  • Blithe

    Porch envy. Turret envy. Window envy. Sigh. Major, major porch envy.

    • I do not envy the maintenance bill!

      • Paul

        That would assume, incorrectly, that the owners painted this house or otherwise kept it from decaying.

        Washingtonian Magazine once ran a story about Mt. Pleasant houses and photo-shopped this one to look cared-for.

      • Blithe

        Yeah, the reality is that I couldn’t cope with or afford a house like this. Painting, shingling, stoking the furnace lurking in the basement are demands that I wouldn’t want to be responsible for. I actually like the shabby chic look of the paint — even as I assume that paint protects the wood, and probably needs to be redone on a regular and reasonably frequent basis. My ideal would be to be the best friend of whoever owns this house so I could sit on the porch, read sun-dappled tomes in the turret, and suggest getting a gently creaking swing for the porch to accompany the mint iced tea and strawberry lemonade.

  • bruno

    Definitely Park Road and 17th Street. Adorned with May roses now!


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