• Kingman Park

    Iron Man

  • Y.U. Parcthar

    I’m confused, what’s scary about this? Is it flapping loose in the breeze or something?

    • It’s just a joke. It looks like a face.

      • Y.U. Parcthar

        Ohhhhh, in that case it’s obviously an homage to a Lucha Libre wrestler.

        • Truxton Thomas

          Or frowning Iron Man. Or a robo-alien.

  • General Grant Circle

    When I heard the NSA was watching me through the wires, I didnt think literally!


    It is Slenderman

    • Gumball

      slenderman! ha!

  • DCPerson2

    Fiber optic slack line. The “eyes” can pop-off for more room.

  • OP Anon

    Strong Bad!

    • andy2

      Strong Bad is apparently making a comeback!

    • Toonces

      I miss his capers with The Cheat.

  • TJ

    Bird landing zone

  • textdoc

    It looks like a lacrosse thing (can’t remember what they’re called).

  • imfred

    It’s a cable trolley they use when they pull new cable on overhead lines. Not scary!

  • Charles

    That’s what’s known as pareidolia.


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