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  • also anon

    Seems pretty straightfoward: people who don’t use the diabetic strips their insurance pays for sell them for cash. Then other people who might not have insurance buy them from this person.

  • mcd

    I saw these exact signs in San Diego a few weeks back…

  • egb
  • Bh

    Saw the same last August in Savannah. Asked the same question. Was told the following:

    1- Some people sell strips to get cash for other items they feel they need more.

    2- if you are someone who tests more than once a day and run out before the time set for insurance to pay, then you’re stuck without them.

    I also saw a newscast that said selling them is illegal but purchasing them is not.


  • kd21

    The surest sign we need universal healthcare

  • spookiness

    This has been going on for a long time. I’ve seen TV ads and newspaper ads in smaller locales.

  • MarkQ

    I’ve seen them sold on the street… by the the same purveyors of toiletries, Tide, etc.

  • Timebomb

    While this is probably not new and definitely not surprising as a black-market trade item, I did notice a relatively recent influx of these signs in very different parts of the city this weekend. Might be that I randomly noticed them for the first time and saw them everywhere after that.

  • Given the emphasis this week on removing illegal signs, it would be great if DPW and other agencies took these and the myriad wheat pasted signs down!

    • textdoc

      I never understand why DPW seems to leave these signs alone and removes them ONLY if you fill out a 311 request. Would it really be that hard for them to drive along the major thoroughfares and note which intersections have illegal signs?
      Wheatpasted signs are the worst.

      • Accountering

        I consider this litter cleanup, and just take them down myself :)

        • textdoc

          I’ve taken down and thrown away illegal signs that I found stuck in the median while I was walking… but sometimes I see them at intersections where there wouldn’t be enough time for me to get out of the car, grab the sign(s), and throw them in my trunk or whatever before the light changes.
          It’s generally wheatpasted signs and non-wheatpasted signs that are too high for me to reach that I contact 311 about.

  • Shawnnnnnn

    I’d just note that if you do not have familiarity with them, diabetic strips are crazy expensive too if you are paying out of pocket for them. My mother is diabetic and I went to pick some up for her and was shocked by how much they cost. And actually a lot of insurance plans do not cover the strips, including I think maybe even Medicare. Or perhaps my mother just gets reimbursed or something, but I had to pay out of pocket to buy them for her and I was flabbergasted by how much they cost.


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