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“video of parents at a DC elementary school learning for the first time that their school had a positive lead test”

by Prince Of Petworth May 3, 2016 at 10:50 am 14 Comments

From an email:

“Thought I’d share this video of parents at a DC elementary school learning for the first time that their school had a positive lead test.

It was almost 8 months after the positive lead test. J.O. Wilson [660 K St NE] had also had gone the entire previous school year without any lead tests (from 4/24/14 – 8/20/15).

This school was not on DCPS’s list of 12 schools that tested positive. Despite the positive lead test and a student being injured this school year by a sink falling off the wall at the school, DGS rated the plumbing systems in this school as “Good.”

I also think it’s important to note that this is a great and growing school with a great community and great teachers being held back by its facilities problems.”

  • anon

    DGS rated the plumbing systems in this school as “Good.”

    DGS rates non-function systems as “good” throughout the school system. They are useless and incompetent. It explains a lot about why they can get into multi-million dollar cost over-runs, and the quality of work of completed projects is suspect.

  • Caps Lvr

    As a DCPS parent i’m concerned about the fact that parent’s weren’t notified by DCPS or DGS until the positive test result was made public during a council hearing. What other environmental hazards has DCPS failed to notify us about?

    • DCPS Parent in Shaw

      From what I understand this one is entirely on DGS. Lead result tests came back positive – DCPS expressed concern – DGS said ‘it’s taken care of’ but it never was.

      DCPS can be faulted for rarely lifting a finger to preserve it’s facilities and outsourcing it all to DGS, but that’s Kaya’s MO “shed all non-core competencies”.

      • OP

        OP here – I think there’s plenty of blame to go around. At the same hearing, the Director DGS said under oath that he notified DCPS and that it’s their responsibility to notify parents. The blame for the fact that no one talked to parents for more than 8 months has to be shared with the primary communicator – DCPS.

      • Iris Bond

        The director of DGS testified under oath that DCPS was notified about the lead tests results. The stories are conveniently changing now that politics are involved. There were major breakdowns here, but to say that they all lie with DGS is just going with the party line we’re expected to believe so DCPS can come out unscathed. This is a serious problem with transparency, communication, and following their own processes and protocols. DCPS is as much at fault as DGS.

  • Jayruby

    I live very close to this school. So do I need to get my water tested?

    • gotryit

      Everyone in DC with children should have their water tested. You should know the status of lead pipes in your home / water service.

      • textdoc

        FWIW… I was just looking on the DC Water site for information about free water testing, but it looks like they must’ve discontinued that program since the time I had mine tested.

        • gotryit


          I think you can also call DC Water and find out the status of the city-owned portion of your water supply – if it’s still lead, or if it was replaced with copper. You (or a plumber) can see what is actually coming into your house, which is your own responsibility.

          • textdoc

            Thanks for the link — when I couldn’t readily find the information (I was expecting to see it under “Customer Service”), I figured they were no longer doing the free testing.

          • gotryit

            Hopefully that would be political suicide given DC’s history with lead in the water, recent events in Flint, and the impact eliminating free testing would have on low income households in DC.

  • J

    As a non-parent I am shocked at this.

  • kw

    That is horrifying.

    So should everyone be testing their water for lead? What if you have a water filter and don’t drink from the tap?

  • hi there

    The real story here is that Charles Allen sends his kid to JO Wilson and not Miner, which is his in bound school. Drama!


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