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Sugar Shack Donuts coming to 9th and U in new ArtView building!!

by Prince Of Petworth May 9, 2016 at 1:30 pm 12 Comments

sugar shack
1932 9th Street, NW

Thanks to Stacy for sending: “Sugar Shack just signed a lease for a store in Shaw at 1932 9th St. NW! Very excited! They are awesome.”

You can check out the goods here.

  • If this is the same one that’s in Alexandria their donuts are pretty bad. Very one-note and (as the name implies) insanely sugary. It’s just like different flavors of sugar, gross. As a self-prescribed donut-lover these are probably the worst I’ve had in the area.

    • spookiness

      “Very one-note and (as the name implies) insanely sugary.”

      So, like Krispy Kreme? (ducks…)

      • Jill

        Flavorwise they are a lot like Krispy Kreme. But Krispy Kreme at least has the texture perfect.

    • Jill

      My co-worker brought in Sugar Shack once, and I had the same reaction. I happen to like sugar a lot (I love cheap sheet cake for example) but these were just insanely sugary with no other redeeming features.

      • Anon

        Thanks for the warning!

    • Leeran

      I vigorously contest this opinion. They’re excellent.

      • That’s perfectly fine, to each their own.

      • anon

        Also want to put in a vote in favor, very delicious!

      • gotryit

        I agree with Leeran. On rare occasion, a coworker brings in sugar shack donuts for the office. I find the cinnamon-sugar ones phenomenal.

    • The OP Anon

      Hey Justin, what are your preferred local donuts? What are your thoughts on Astro?

  • Vermonster

    Their Samoa donut is hands down the best I’ve ever had. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • oubliette

    The donuts are good, but I’m more excited for the generra (cinnamon mocha with orange peel).


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