• DC

    This summer is gonna suck for crime. Idiots doing dumb, dumb things.

  • stacksp

    Several shootings in SE as well the past few days

  • Anonymous

    Any update on the people who were hit? It didn’t look good…

    • Anon

      They were both transported to the hospital and are expected to be okay.

      • Anon 7 53

        Thank you for that, it’s great to hear. Seeing how long the area was taped off for and how long it took the ambulances to leave, I had assumed the worst.

    • MellyNE

      My fiance and I are the owners of the house that got hit. Both the victims were conscious and in relatively good spirits. I was talking to the one victim that took the brunt of the hit, and she was pretty coherent and even apologetic for staying in our yard for so long. We were outside chatting with some friends when it happened 10 feet away from us, it looked much worse when it was happening. Hopefully they will catch these a-holes and the victims will heal quickly.


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