Shouk, “quick-serve” Mediterranean, Opens Tuesday at 11am – Check out the Menu and Peek Inside

655 K Street, NW

Shouk is a new quick-serve restaurant that aims to re-think comfort food… we’ll have you in & out in quickly & comfortably!”

Menu and a peek inside after the jump.

Photo credit: James Jackson

Shouk – (shook) n.

1. A modern eatery and market located at 655 K St

NW (City Vista) offering a new take on comfort


2. Meaning “market,” an assault on all five senses.

3. Opening Tuesday, May 3.

4. Open from 11am to 10pm daily.

5. A new way to define comfort food.

Ran Nussbächer – (rahn) n.

1. The founder of Shouk.

2. First time restaurateur.

3. Former VP of Sales at OPOWER.

4. Avid market goer and experienced traveler.

tahina – (ta . hee . nah) n.

1. An oily paste made from toasted ground hulled

sesame seeds.

2. In its raw form, a key component in many dishes

at Shouk. (Syn: tahini)

amba – (um . bah) n.

1. A tangy mango pickle condiment, similar to

Indian mango chutney.

2. A great complement to tahina in some Shouk


harissa – (ha . ris . ahh) n.

1. A chili pepper paste originating in North Africa;

can be spicy.

2. At Shouk, a really spicy chili pepper paste.

silan – (see . lahn) n.

1. A thick, dark brown, sweet syrup extracted from


2. Date syrup for making market soda.

labneh– (lub . nah) n.

1. Strained yogurt dip with thick consistency and

sour taste.

2. A spread made by Shouk using cashew nuts.

za’tar – (zah . tar) n.

1. A green herb mixture including hyssop, oregano,

thyme, sesame and other spices

pita – (pea . tah) n.

1. At Shouk, a thick and airy, slightly leavened

flatbread of a style popular in Israel.

2. In some places, a thin, leavened flatbread with a

pocket inside (not at Shouk).

mujadra – (moo . ja . dera) n.

1. A traditional mixture of brown rice, green lentils

and caramelized onion heavily seasoned with


2. Meaning “pockmarked” a resemblance to the

lentils among the rice.

3. Turn any Shouk Pita into a rice & lentil bowl.

halva – (hal . vah) n.

1. A dense, sweet confection made from tahini

(sesame), sometimes containing pistachio flavors.

2. A great compliment to coffee.

el nakhleh – (elle neck . lah) n.

1. An Arabic coffee with cardamom.

2. One of the many products for purchase from

Shouk’s market walls.

hamsa – (hum . seh) n.

1. Shouk’s unique blend of five essential spices to

bring the aroma of the middle eastern market to


2. Available for purchase at Shouk.

almond delight – (all . mend dee . lite) n.

1. A sweet and refreshing drink at Shouk.

2. An all natural energy drink made by turning

almond extract into syrup and mixing with water.

3. Too unique to define.

market soda– (mar . ket so . duh) n.

1. A rotating array of made to order sodas.

2. A Shouk original drink using house made syrups

from spices and fruits.

allergies – (al . er . gees) n.

1. A damaging immune response by the body to a

substance, especially pollen, fur, a particular food,

or dust, to which it has become hypersensitive.

2. An aversion that could make eating at certain

restaurants difficult, but should not impede diners

at Shouk.

comfort food – (shouk) n.

1. Food that provides consolation or a feeling of

well-being, typically any with a high sugar or other

fat content and associated with childhood or home


2. The inspiration behind Shouk, a market and

eatery inspired by food from Ran’s childhood that

does not leave you feeling guilty or uncomfortable



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