• LittleBluePenguin

    I really wish them the best and hope they do well, but if I were a parent I would be loathe to walk my kids here and have to deal with the rabble that hangs around that corner by the Eddie Leonards.

    • gotryit

      It sometimes leads to interesting conversations, but I’m generally surprised (pleasantly) by how my kid processes things like that. It’s also a good lesson in compassion – sometimes I’m the one learning from her.

  • PetworthMom

    It’s not new. It’s just a new location.

    It was previously on Kenyon NW.

    That said, the studio is gorgeous. (My daughter takes classes there.)

    • Bbird

      Yup and yup

  • KEDT

    My kids are taking a class here. The studios are beautiful and the teachers are excellent. I hope that it becomes better known and succeeds, as it could become a wonderful gathering spot for kids and adults. Combining class with coffee and a treat at Colony Club or dinner at Small Fry makes for a great outing.


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