“PSC Video is hilariously bad” or is it hilariously the greatest thing I’ve ever seen?

by Prince Of Petworth May 6, 2016 at 2:00 pm 4 Comments

view video here

“Dear PoPville,

I don’t know if you’ve had the pleasure of viewing the PSC’s video. and BTW, this video was shown proudly at the Budget Hearing on the 25th of April.”

via Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia:

“In honor of April as National Safe Digging Month, PSC employees produced a public service announcement encouraging District residents, businesses and their contractors to “Call 811 Before You Dig…Can You Dig it?!” Spread the word!”

Ed. Note: Well since it was done by PSC employees and not professionals – I’m gonna go ahead and say this is spectacular. Not sure how effective but most definitely a work of art…

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  • TinkerTaylor

    I love that you can see the shadow of the cue card holder in the bottom left corner (and him flip the pages). Also, if you watch the credits, you’ll see that the cue card holder has a cameo early in the video as “Passerby.” It’s perfect!

  • kgw

    This takes me back to the late 80’s when I was in a little fender bender near Eastern Market. The guy that hit me told me his name was Jive Turkey. When I asked to see Mr. Turkey’s driver’s license, well yes, there it was – his name on his driver’s license was Jive Turkey. Couldn’t tell him not to be a JIve Turkey.

  • navyard

    It is brilliant! I love the music and love the attitude. This video might just bring back the non-ironic use of the phrase “Can you dig it?” One can only hope!
    Great job to the filmmakers! (Let’s just hope it didn’t cost what that sad little (ridiculously expensive) IRS video cost a few years ago.) http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/irs-employees-create-dance-video-taxpayer-dollars-19307754

  • I think this is pretty fantastic. Not only can you see the cue card holder, but you can hear them say “Cut” at the end. I’m going to start saying “Can you dig it?!” all the time now.


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