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  • S

    Tennis no one?

    • Anon


  • Ron

    I see Serena, I see France.
    Bernie Sanders has one pair of underpants.

  • Josh

    Sitting in this park would be so much nicer if they’d turn off this loud TV.

  • Josh

    Francophobia rears its ugly head.

  • Bruce

    Always easy to spot the employees who don’t use metro.

  • aknomad

    What!!! No Cushions… geez DC get it together! This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • wpk_dc

    That’ll be my lunch spot today! And tomorrow. And Friday. I LOVE tennis and LOVE that they’ve got the big screen there. It’s kinda hidden to passersby tho.

  • above7-11

    THE DC Republican Primaries were well attended

  • jeezpf

    This set-up looks pretty good, but why don’t we turn the chairs so they aren’t facing the tennis match!

  • dcd

    Viva No France!

  • Sean

    Despite low turnout, the French Open viewing party was still easily able to overwhelm Metro and cause 40 minute delays.

    • Y.U. Parcthar


  • Mug of Glop

    Proof that Washington is a grass court city.

  • GS

    Voulez vous asseoir avec moi, c’est soir

  • Blithe

    Missed Connection?
    Me: Fuchsia sweater, introvert, intensely rooting for Serena — in my own quiet way.
    You: Steely-eyed and impassioned in your silence; dapper grey suit, Bernie Sanders hair and manly slouch.

    I can tell that we have a LOT in common. ;-) Meet up?!!!! Maybe next time we can sit a little CLOSER!!! :-)

  • Alex

    Passengers in TSA lines extending outside the airports will be now able to watch the French Open while they wait.

  • Kyle

    How many people are there? I’d say tennish.

    • MT


      • Sara

        Love it!

    • TM



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