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Wilson High School and Deal Middle School closed at 9:30am due to power outage

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2016 at 9:45 am 6 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

From Wilson High School:

“We are releasing students at 9:30 due to the power outage. School will resume on time tomorrow”


“DCPS reports that Woodrow Wilson High School 3950 Chesapeake Street NW and Deal Junior High School 4814 Fort Drive NW have closed for the day due to power outages.”

  • Byron

    Tenleytown Metro area was crawling with Wilson students at around 9:15 AM today — I figured something was up.

    However, doesn’t Wilson start at 8:40 AM? I usually arrive at the Tenleytown station at 8:50-9:00AM and even on an average day, there are still tons of the more rougher looking Wilson crowd loitering around the Metro. There’s always transit PD and even a Metro PD Truancy van there — but they don’t seem to do anything at all.

    • Blithe

      What would you like them to do? Is it policy to start rounding up people who look like they might be students when the clock strikes 8:41? This is a genuine, if somewhat snarky, question. I attended Wilson many years ago. At that point we had at least some students with staggered schedules and an open campus, so the idea that police should be intervening in some way because people who appear to be students happen to be near a Metro station and retail strip located within a block of a high school seems unconscionable in the absence of specific problematic behavior.

      • Byron

        I get it – not every young looking person with a backpack hanging out near the Tenleytown Metro Station at 9 am on a weekday is a Wilson student.

        However, the group I always seem to see with the Wilson High School Tigers backpacks/shirts/sweatshirts etc. who are consistently running around cussing, yelling, running the wrong way down the escalator metros, and sometimes harassing people, certainly should at least be questioned. At least I would seem to think.

        This is my genuine, if not somewhat snarky, response.

        • Blithe

          Thank you! In your first post, you didn’t mention any specific behaviors — just “loitering”, which is a description that I, personally, find troubling, since it can be used and misused too flexibly. Now I have a better sense of the types of genuinely problematic behaviors that warrant intervention of some sort. I agree with you — these types of behaviors should, at least be questioned. Since the Metro stop is so close to the school, I wonder how/if the police communicate and coordinate with the school regarding truancy issues? And, as a completely un-snarky question: I’m wondering what the age cut-off is in DC for school truancy laws? When I lived in Baltimore, my understanding was that at age 16, you could legally drop out of school, so “truancy” laws wouldn’t apply, even to enrolled students — although obviously laws against other egregious behaviors could be enforced.

  • ***

    I wish the power would go out at my office and I’d get the rest of the day off…

  • AnonRider

    Saw around 2 dozen Wilson High students at all of the stations from Friendship Heights to Gallery Place this morning – yelling, screaming, swearing, jumping on and off of trains. Train operator sternly instructed them to move away from the doors several times so we could move. So yes, “loitering” is exactly what they were doing. They were not going anywhere – just riding trains and hanging out at stations. Saw 3 Metro Transit police officers and a security officer on the platform at Tenleytown, talking to one of them in particular, as about 6 others jumped onto the train. When I got off the train at Gallery Place, heard one of them say to a large (10+) group, “Let’s ride back up to Wheaton.” Guess that’s what they’ll be doing with their free day.


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