UPDATE: Found! Keep A Lookout for Ulysses Missing from Mount Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth May 31, 2016 at 10:45 am 14 Comments

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“Lost: Male Tuxedo Cat in Mt. Pleasant

Ulysses, male, 3 years old, last seen in the backyard of our house on Irving St. NW in Mt. Pleasant, between Mt. Pleasant St. and 17th St. around 12:30pm on Monday, Memorial Day. He’s very friendly and would easily follow someone into their house. He’s on special medication so we need to find him ASAP–if you’ve seen him, please let us know! Please contact us at 571-426-5729.”

  • Huma

    I read this on another thread, but sprinkling (or leaving) their cat litter (which they’ve used) outside in the backyard might help bring them back. Worked for a couple of people in our neighborhood.

  • mwmp

    I saw him last night @ Lamont and 18th. Someone was petting him and someone else was on the phone- i presume calling the owner or the humane society. No tags? I didn’t stop because it looked well handled- I will stay vigilant and hope you find him very soon!!!!

  • DCrat

    Hobart or Kenyon side of Irving. I live on 1600 block of Hobart and would be glad to take a walk.

    • IrvingSt

      Kenyon side. You might see us out there as well shaking a bag of kitty treats. Thanks!

  • Isabella

    I saw a post on the Mount Pleasant listserv about a black cat seen on Mount Pleasant st. Maybe it’s the same cat? The email says:

    “Friendly black cat without collar seen on Mt. Pleasant at Kilbourne

    My friend and I saw this cat around 11:30pm Thursday evening. She was outside the nail salon next to Purple Patch exploring the pedicure booths they were throwing out. The cat was meowing repeatedly at us and let us pet her. I don’t know if she was hungry or just wanted attention, she didn’t have any obvious signs of not being taken care of or injuries, just no collar. I also didn’t notice the clipped ear that cats have after TNR. I was going to take a picture but some off-leash dogs scared the cat away. I love cats so I’m always keeping an eye out for the neighborhood cats.

    Does anyone know if this cat has a human, or is anyone missing their black cat?”

    • IrvingSt

      It’s not the same cat (Ulysses was with us all weekend, right up through Monday around noon) but thanks so much for sending this our way–very much appreciated. You never know what tip will be the one.

    • I’ve seen possibly the same black cat, in the short alley that opens at Mt. Pleasant & Kilbourne. Very friendly, no tags. It had a somewhat more shy companion (also black) who seemed curious but stayed behind a fence. I assume they belong to somebody on that alley, or are semi-feral.

  • Andrea

    Also, as far as we know, LaDuke, a very sweet and fluffy calico cat who was found yesterday in the vicinity of 13th and Spring Rd NW still hasn’t found his/her home. We left a message with the Los Angeles-are vet whose phone number was on the collar and our neighbors took her in for safekeeping, but I’m sure she’d love to go back to her people. I have contact info for the family who took her in and am going to try to get her to a vet to see if she’s microchipped, but please let me know if you have any idea where she belongs!

    • Near Northeast

      If you call DC animal control, they will come and check for microchips on the spot–you don’t need to get her to a vet. I’ve called after midnight and had them show up within an hour.

      • textdoc

        The 24-hour number for D.C. Animal Care and Control is 202-576-6664.

        • Andrea

          That’s good to know–thanks! I’ll talk to our neighbor and give them a call this evening.

  • DC

    I think I saw him yesterday in the yard of the house on the SW corner of Lamont/18th. Seemed very content, so I assumed he lived there.

  • SaraEP

    I pet a cat that looked like this at Lamont & 18th around 6:00 pm yesterday (5/30). He/she was super sweet and came right up to me. Had a collar and tags. Not sure if it was Ulysses though.

    • IrvingSt

      Ah, it’s not Ulysses then; he doesn’t have a collar/tags. Thanks for the tip though. (This also helps explain the other posters who saw that cat as well around the same time.) Appreciated!


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