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  • Blithe

    The poles denote the unexpected twists and turns that we all encounter in the journey called life. The birds represent the ability to get one’s ducks in a row as one navigates the vicissitudes. Ducky! :-)

  • Ducks represent Metro Riders.

    Poles represent the directions in which they must run to flee arcing insulators.

  • anonymous

    I see something more unsettling: The ducks, totems of childhood aspiration and ritualized daily cleansing, are placed largely out of the reach of the viewers. The viewers, walking to work, or trudging home, find themselves imprisoned not by the evenly placed, straight bars of institutionalized incarceration, but by the meandering, seemingly serpent-like bars crafted by the messy truth of power. In the beating heart of democracy, the viewers find themselves beaten down in heart, looking skyward, considering a time when the ducks felt closer, a time when feeling clean was more simple.

  • I Dont Get It

    Sometimes a rubber duck is just a rubber duck.

  • kl00t

    No idea what the ducks are, but I used to to work in a garden store that sold sprinkler sculptures like this.


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