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  • DCMau5

    I always thought it was referring to Giant Corp. HQ in Landover

  • DCMau5

    Giant Corp HQ

  • DM

    According to Wikipedia, “Giant often is known as Giant-Landover to avoid confusion with sibling company Giant-Carlisle.”

  • I Dont Get It

    Aha! That explains all those Safeway—Pleasanton and Harris Teeter—Matthews signs!

  • spookiness

    The former PA-based Giant has a different logo because it was a separate company. Yes it is stupid not to merge them, or to discard and name something else, but people are very parochial about supermarkets and don’t like change.

  • John M

    This is probably some strange holdover from the Giant/Stop and Shop branding merger that happened in 2008 by parent company Ahold. Strangely enough, Ahold owns another Giant chain, which is based in Carlisle, PA and serves some of the DC exurbs which for some reason hasn’t been combined with Giant-Landover.

    • Anonymoose

      It’s called double-breasting. The Giant-Landover division is wall-to-wall union and the Giant-Carlisle division is non-union and anti-union. They are trying to keep the union portion of their company as small as possible. The Giant-Landover division also includes Stop & Shop, the union chain in New England.

  • Giant Anonymous

    Is is just me, or does that stain on the upper portion of the wall to the left of the sign look like Alfred Hitchcock’s profile?


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