Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

Neighbors around Lamont and Morton Street would like community input/reactions and advice. We all received a request to survey the inside and outside of our homes:

“Dear Owner/Resident/Authorized Representative:

We are contacting you concerning the soon to begin redevelopment of the ALSCO facility located at 713 Lamont Street near your property. Seismic Surveys, Inc. (SSI) is an independent, third party consulting firm that has been engaged by The Holladay Corporation, the developer of the ALSCO facility, to conduct pre-construction photographic surveys of the buildings and improvements that are adjacent to the project prior to the commencement of the construction. These surveys are being offered to property owners immediately adjacent to the site…. at no cost to you.

The construction operations are not expected to have any impact on your building. Nonetheless pre-construction surveys are conducted to document the visible conditions of your building and associated improvements prior to the start of adjacent construction operations to form a basis of discussion and resolution in the unlikely event that any concerns arise from these activities. This survey is a precautionary measure used to protect all parties involved.

The preconstruction survey will involve an interior and exterior observation of your building with photographic and written documentation of the various building materials and pre-existing conditions that are visible during the survey….

…If you desire to have a survey of your property completed, please call the SSI scheduling department at 1-888-250-6566 to schedule an appointment…”


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