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The Triple Threat – What the Helen of Troy is This? Caption Contest and of Course the Sweetest of City Rides

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2016 at 10:25 am 48 Comments


I am now indebted to Tim for life for sending this marvel from Petworth:

“What the Helen of Troy? Or does this belong in sweet city rides? Or caption contest? It’s a triple threat! Genius work, until it rains. They drove it around, pumping 80’s rock to the neighborhood and having a great time.”

Not sure how the inspection renewal will go but love it while it lasts!

DC Plates

  • Count Pheasant

    There would be a market for this.

  • Sarah

    Coming soon to all hipsters, everywhere…

    • Alex


    • Philippe Lecheval

      I know. If you look close enough, you can see all the long beard hairs that got snagged on the jagged metal.

    • PositivelyKStreet


  • illinoisandjefferson

    ha. my dj friend caleb was riding around in it the other night. posted a video on instagram –> https://www.instagram.com/calebletoile/

    • TropicBird

      Of course. Of course he was. Nice beard

    • v

      even better, they are playing Michael McDonald!!! This is everything

      • textdoc

        Yacht rock + road yacht?

  • anon

    Luckily, the city inspection doesn’t consider safety, so should pass without a hitch.

    • RJS

      Yeah, I’m guessing the real problem would be with registration, not inspection. I think this might just pass inspection.

    • Mug of Glop

      Man, if hitches were every required for inspection, I’d be in trouble.

  • Truxton Thomas

    “It’s…it’s indescribably beautiful!”

  • FJ

    It is called a “deathtrap.”

  • U neighbor

    Introducing DCastro (pronounced “Dis-as-tro”), the latest homegrown startup. It’s the Uber of open top tour buses!

    • hupster


  • QuincyBoo

    Tesla Model 4

  • Anon

    Has anyone seen my sawzall?

  • GS

    Only way to prevent a break-in in D.C

  • Alex

    Pope Mobile used by John Paul II

  • That MAn A

    Lmao nice
    Thats a real chop top

  • MBru

    It’s 1/3rd of a Top Gear episode.

  • ET

    It looks like something you would see on Top Gear (the UK version). Either that or something that drunk rednecks would come up with.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    The A-Team prepares for its move to Miami.

  • kallie

    The mullet of vans. Business in the front and party in the back.

    • Anon H St


    • Mug of Glop

      I came here to make exactly this joke.

    • OP Anon

      BOOM. Shut it down and give this person a free t-shirt.

  • above7-11

    I saw this in full swing the other day. They were blasting take on me and having a grand old time on Georgia ave!
    I seem to recall an episode of car talk where a guy wanted to do this to a sedan and they strongly advised against saying it would compromise the structural integrity of the frame. However in the mean time it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

    • anon

      Oh it absolutely compromises the frame of the car. Convertibles tend to be heavier than the cars they’re made from because with no overhead frame pillars they have to reinforce the undercarriage. I’m not saying this would snap in half under hard cornering but in a car crash it would be dramatically less survivable.

      • Chevy

        These vans are “body on frame” construction like a truck so the roof is not part of the structure as it would be On a unibody vehicle. In fact this is the same chassis as Chevy pickup trucks and cargo vehicles of the era.

    • textdoc

      That reminds me of the guy who rides around on his bicycle near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro with some kind of specially rigged sound system.
      Generally I don’t want to hear other people’s music, but with that guy, I always have to smile. Maybe because he’s playing the music _for_ other people, unlike somebody in a car playing music super-loud for himself and to show off.

      • Anonymous

        That guy is very annoying. I don’t want my earholes blasted by a crappy boombox when I’m waiting for the bus, thanks very much. He’s not playing it for me, he’s playing it *at* me. If he was just riding by I wouldn’t care too much but as often as not, he’s just standing there.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        I kinda get a kick out of this guy, too! He just seems genuinely cheerful, I don’t interpret it as malevolent. It could get annoying, sure, if you were stuck there for a long time, but eh, of all the Georgia Ave oddballs, he’s one of my favorites.

        • Anonymous 3:04

          Yeah, I don’t think it’s malevolent or in any way harmful. And if he was always on the move it would be OK. But he often just stands right by the bus stops, which is where people have to stand to catch the bus. So if people want to catch their bus, they have to get earblasted in the meantime or go wait somewhere else and rush over when they see their bus approaching. I think it’s as rude as people who smoke cigarettes in the bus shelter.

  • cwjCP

    They Lyfted the roof off this Uber XXL.

  • Mug of Glop

    “No, I said I wanted a *bar* with a roof deck.”

  • Smilla

    Better than the Trolley Pub, I guess

  • zipdc

    It’s perfect for when you have a midlife crisis but no money for a new convertible.

  • Jason

    The decpitation-mobile. Both the vehicle and riders in the second row upon sudden stop.

  • Bernard Rust Pants

    You see a lot of tour mobiles in Los Angeles like this, DIY bootleg chop tops. Of course it never rains there so it makes sense but in DC…. I hope they have the little mermaid soundtrack cued up.

  • warderborder

    Sure, people always say divorce is hard on the kids, but how do you think the family minivan feels about being split between spouses?

  • Jon G

    “The Game of Life,” in real life

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I wonder if we’re gonna see a “my laptop was stolen” post from these guys in a few days… “Dear PoP, I know I’m not supposed to leave my belongings in plain view inside my car, but yesterday someone stole my MacBook from the back seat of my Chevy Astro.”

  • Bangarang

    I danced topless in the back seat last night. I can now die happy.

  • sherm

    I saw this “car” this weekend too and thought, “What the…why the hell!”

  • v

    I’ve always wanted to turn my regular old cars into convertibles… this is awesome

  • justin z

    these guys are tasteless jerks. blasting their tacky music and risking the lives of their passengers. total nuisance.


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