Smucker Farms Opens Deli Counter with Amish-Style Breakfast – Check Out the Full Menu

by Prince Of Petworth April 22, 2016 at 10:00 am 12 Comments

2118 14th Street, NW

Last month we learned that sandwiches were coming to Smucker Farms. They’re here. And lots more details including the full breakfast menu:

Smucker Breakfast Menu (PDF)

“Smucker Farms of Lancaster County was founded as a retailer and distributor in 2011 to directly connect small producers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and consumers in Washington, DC.

Courtesy Smucker Farms

Now the business is adding another option for people to enjoy Lancaster County product with the launch of a deli and sandwich counter at the 2118 14th Street location. With a combination of DC and Pennsylvania food producers, customers can get the best of both worlds, choosing amongst freshly made Bullfrog Bagels and locally smoked salmon, with meat, eggs and fresh produce from the Mid-Atlantic’s premier farming region.

Most popular so far is the “Smucker Breakfast,” a bagel with egg frittata, bacon, lettuce, tomato, chive cream cheese and hot pepper jelly. “It’s a breakfast BLT I made up last year and, with the launch of the sandwich counter, it had to be on the menu. Paired with Compass Coffee, iced or drip, your morning is basically made,” says owner Eric Smucker.

Comfort food items such as the “Lancaster Central Market” are simply an egg frittata and cheese on a bagel with options to add on bacon, sausage, or avocado (and no the avocados are not local). Riffs include the “Mennonite Delight,” like a natural energy bar with raw peanut butter, maple syrup, and seasonal fruits on a bagel. Pequea Valley yogurt and granola with fruit combos also offer high-energy starts to your day. And don’t forget to engage the wilder side of Lancaster County with the “Rumpsringa,” that layers Ivy City whitefish salad, chive cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a bagel. You can even add on Ivy City lox to round out the flavor.

The source of the products include eggs from Serenity Meadows, Bullfrog Bagels, Pequea Valley Farms yogurt, Ivy City seafood, September Farms cheddar cheeses, Stoltzfus Meats bacon and sausage, Stockin’s maple syrup and honey, and an abundance of organic leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits from the region.

Hours of operation are daily starting at 8am on the weekdays and Saturday, with a 9am start on Sunday. The lunch menu is set to launch in a couple weeks and will include hot and cold sandwiches, Spring Glen side salads, soups, pretzels, potato chips, and assorted beverages.”

  • CVR

    I think I know where I’m having breakfast tomorrow.

    • GBinCH

      My thoughts exactly!

  • DupontGirl

    No scrapple on the menu? I call shenanigans!

  • Nonna

    Mennonite delight? Is that serious?? I’ve eaten my fair share of amish food and this seems pretty far off base. Is Amish food trendy now??

    • PuteadasDC

      The owner grew up in an Amish area of Lancaster, PA

      • Nonna

        Maybe – but this is def more on the side of gimmick and not anything you would eat at an actual Amish/Mennonite place. Give me 27 different kinds of pies, baked goods, butter, waffles, gravy and then we’re talking! Oh and it’s not called scrapple – it’s called MUSH!

        • Anonymous

          Scrapple doesn’t have to have liver in it, while livemush does. While they may be similar food items, the names are definitely not interchangeable. Agree that there need to be at least 27 different types of pies alone.

        • Philippe Lecheval

          “Mush” in Amish country usually refers to cornmeal mush, which is eaten with butter and syrup on it.

  • FridayGirl

    This sounds amazing.
    But the menu isn’t opening for me for some reason :(

  • kd21

    I didn’t realize the Amish were so in to bagels!

  • Anon

    OMG. I love a good bagel sandwich and they really don’t exist in DC like they do in Philly. I’m going there this weekend, and this could be a massive gamechanger for my weekend happy factor. That picture is one of the most beautiful pics ever posted on this website!

  • JNo

    So when I stopped on they only had breakfast sandwiches and lunch was coming soon. That was last week. Bullfrog bagels aren’t bad but they’re really dense and too dense for a sandwich imho. Has anyone tried Bread bite bagels yet?


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