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  • Anon

    That’s one rad Solaris poster. Now I need to track down a copy for myself.

  • Hill Denizen

    Whenever I see pictures of this place it reminds me of the “movie theater” in Gilmore Girls. I think it was just in someone’s living room or something.


    That ceiling wallpaper!

  • ct

    What is the deal with this place? What kind of movies do they show and what is the seating situation in row house type cinema?

    • They’re not open yet but you can get some flavor from their Facebook or old Kickstarter or search old posts on them here.

  • simit

    I really hope this place works and doesn’t limp along on a shoestring budget.
    Could be a great addition to not only the surrounding neighborhoods but a unique citywide asset.

  • GoutMachine

    Huh. You’d think they would have contacted their Kickstarter founders about this event, or about, well, anything.


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