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  • bruno

    Wait. This is going to be a cinema? Like — tickets and popcorn kinda thing?

  • siz

    finding it hard to believe this is ever gonna happen at this point, but…holding out hope. we all know how the permitting process is.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      And you have to take into consideration that it’s Mount Pleasant, where development of almost any kind has been constantly thwarted for decades. It’s a huge accomplishment to open anything new in that neighborhood, no matter what kind of business it happens to be.

      • Myron

        Yeah, all that “thwarted development” like Thai, Radius, Purple Patch, Each Peach, Subway, Habit, the new gym, etc…

        • Philippe Lecheval

          That’s a pretty small list, though. And at least a couple of those places replaced similar preexisting businesses. Maybe the “No Dancing” crowd has left the neighborhood, but it still doesn’t strike me as particularly friendly to new business.

      • Lisa

        Phillipe I usually enjoy your comments as at best insightful or at least contrarian, but this one falls short on both counts. You’re dredging up umbrage from the year 2000.

        • siz

          yeah, what? lots of businesses have opened in mt p in the last several years.

  • Whitney

    Does anyone know what the hold up is/where they are in the permitting process? Last I heard they were talking with the neighbors that share the alley to (hopefully) minimize the impact on them.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I’d forgotten about this place.

  • MTPeasant

    Have any kickstarter backers received updates? Was really excited for this a year ago, now i’m skeptical it will ever happen.

  • We on the Mount Pleasant ANC have heard little and done nothing concerning this venture. A group of residents did object to their liquor license application, but last I heard, that objection was denied. Ordinarily an applicant would come to the ANC for a “stipulated” license, but that hasn’t happened. I’m puzzled as to why this venture has not begun operations.


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