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Shooting in the 4000 block of 7th St, NE at 7pm Tuesday

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2016 at 9:38 pm 14 Comments

via google maps

From MPD:

“At approximately 1900 hours, the victim stated the he was walking westbound in the the 700 b/o Randolph St. NE when he reports hearing multiple gunshots and feeling pain on the left side of his neck. The victim ran North in the 4000 b/o 7th Street NE and clasped in an apartment foyer in the 4000 b/o 7th street ne.

The victim was transported to the hospital where he is expected to survive his injuries.

The shooter is described as a Black male, dark completion , with dreadlocks, wearing a red or pink hoody, dark coat, approximately 5’6″ in height. Last seen riding a bike with no seat.”

  • Neonsparkles

    I feel awful for the victim and 7pm on a Tuesday doesn’t seem like a time when one worries about their safety walking outside.

    Additionally, why would you ride a bike with no seat? Like, not even a makeshift cardboard/towel thing? I remember growing up poor and getting inventive with my second-hand bike.

    • 51773

      Maybe he enjoys the comforts of not having a seat?

    • Hill Denizen

      It’s probably a stolen bike. Some people remove their bike seats and take them with them when they lock up their bikes to make them less appealing to thieves. Looks like it sometimes doesn’t work.

      • stacksp


      • Anon

        No, you take your seat with you so someone doesn’t steal your seat. What bike thief is going to be like, WELL I WOULD STEAL THIS BUT IT’S NOT GOING TO BE VERY COMFORTABLE SO I’LL JUST MOVE ON.

        Also, sad that the victim clasped.

        • Hill Denizen

          Well that too, but riding around with a seatless bike is like wearing a sign on your back that says “hey! I stole this!” Plus it’s probably harder to turn the bike around without a seat unless you steal one of those too.

  • stacksp

    3 more shot in SE last night. Lots of shootings. Daily occurrence almost.

  • Dognonymous

    I heard this last night while walking my dog near the monastery on 14th, but thought it was just cars sputtering down Michigan Ave.

  • Brooklander

    Saw the person riding his bike away from the scene right after this happened, and heard the shots. It was definitely some sort of automatic weapon (burst shots rapidly firing). At first I thought it was firecrackers. I live at 8th and Randolph. It was really scary. I saw who I assume to be this person’s mother arrive on scene and it was heartbreaking. So relieved to hear that he survived.

    • thismoi

      I’m on 7th, and a couple of times have heard the burst shots fired in the last 6 months or so. This is definitely pretty damn alarming, especially given the time of day and the randomness of it. Brooklander, how long have you been in the neighborhood, and does this seem to be an exception to the norm, or are things like this on the rise?

      • Brooklander

        I’ve been living on 8th for 3 years in May. It’s the first time I’ve heard shots; someone did get carjacked a few months ago at the corner of 8th and Randolph. I’ve never felt unsafe before but this definitely makes me uneasy, especially given how close we are to the playground on 10th, Turkey Thicket and the Brookland Middle School. I used to live in Bloomingdale and had far scarier things happen to me/my neighbors there (break-ins, assaults, etc.)

        • thismoi

          Yep, I remember the day the carjacking happened. And, I called the police several months ago at 6am on a Saturday to report about 10 burst shots fired followed by the sound of a car getting the heck out of dodge. I keep telling my friends that overall I don’t feel unsafe, but I realize that because these things are happening it is cause for some concern, especially since we’re on such a sleepy little block.

          • Brooklander

            Totally agree. It’s generally always quiet, and all of the neighbors I’ve met have been nothing but wonderful. But last night freaked me out since it was a time I normally take my dog out for a walk (and 7th street is our normal evening loop). I wonder if this person who was shot was walking by or if he was targeted. My husband was getting home at the same time this happened and was exiting his car just as the shots were fired. Really freaky.

          • thismoi

            Well, I’m glad you guys and our other neighbors weren’t harmed, and I’m crossing my fingers that stuff like this doesn’t keep happening. It would really be a terrible shame.


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