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  • CeCe

    Man oh man I’m so happy I stopped taking Metro to work. Two buses is 1000x better than this shiz.

    • Clueless

      +1, #TeamBus

  • jdre

    Any word on the nature/cause of the unscheduled work?

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Probably related to the fire this weekend. I know it is further down the line, but they probably found another issue. The idea of shutting down lines for repairs seems better and better as the weeks go on.

  • OC

    That statue looks exactly like Ron Howard

  • Q

    As if the personal inconvenience weren’t enough, I’m getting kind of sick of these breakdowns because one of the guys who reports to me constantly comes in late because of “Metro delays.” Really? More than an hour late at least once a week? Maybe just get moving earlier, eh?

    • phl2dc

      At that point you’d think he’d try to find another way of getting to work… but on the other hand, what happens if he gets to work an hour early because the metro behaved? Does he get to leave early? Does he get overtime?

  • jumpingjack

    I had an incredibly easy and uneventful commute on the Red Line this morning. It seems like when they loudly and repeatedly announce delays my commute is easy. It’s when they refuse to acknowledge there’s an issue that things get nightmarish.

    • DC_Chica

      Same here – I was surprised that my Red Line train at 9a.m. was not crowded and I immediately found an empty seat.


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