• Debra

    ah…isn’t that just common sense?

    • GBinCH

      Not to people who didn’t grow up in a city.

  • Learned the Hard Way

    Do not leave anything in your car.

  • CatieCat

    There is something about this particular block, and the neighbors are trying to inform people, so props to them. My bad thinking my dirty gym bag was safe for 1 hour in the backseat of my car in the Tubman school parking lot (in front of a camera). I understand we should never leave anything visible in our car even for a minute, but how about we start to take these break ins seriously. Its about $250 to fix a car window (coincidentally the exact price of my car insurance deductible, or perhaps not coincidentally), plus the value of the items stolen. $500 (gym shoes, workout clothes, gym bag, car window) isnt a small amount, and it would be nice of the cops showed a teeennnyy bit of interest when this keeps happening in the same areas.

    • anonymous

      Yeah, it is a drag. Though I’ve had my windows broken with NOTHING in the car – sometimes it is worth it for them break a window to rummage for change and through your (empty) glove compartment.

    • Anonymous

      Just curious – What would it look like if the cops do show interest? (Your post implies that they did not.)
      A bait car? Police car stationed in that parking lot? Did they not look at the security cameras? Did they refuse to take a report from you? It may seem to people who live that that area that this particular block has a problem but I can guarantee that there are car break ins all around the city every day.

      • DRC

        Dude, this area has a huge problem. Lived there for 3 years, walked my dog on that road every day for over a year and would see new piles of window glass weekly. Plenty of police presence a block away on 14th street, but Irving, Kenyon, and 13th/11th hardly ever see a cop just hanging out or walking a beat. Car break-ins are the least of the crime worries in that area, but still no cops to be seen.

  • MRD

    Do not leave NONvaluables in your car. Don’t leave ANYTHING in your car. Not on the seats or floor and not in the trunk. Double warning for cars with out-of-state plates.
    This will be true now and forevermore, in every neighborhood, no matter how nice, no matter how well lit, no matter the number of pedestrians walking by, no matter the brevity of your absence. If you’re making a quick stop at the ATM, take that pack of gum with you or put it out of sight.

    • stacksp


      Sad but true


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