• Ryan

    Why on earth would this be coming to U st? Its the worst.

    • Dadric

      Where would prefer that it go?

    • John

      Because there was an open space and a franchise owner thought it would be successful? FFS, it’s next to a McDonald’s.

    • FridayGirl

      I don’t like Jimmy John’s, and I don’t mean to be snarky, but I think someone may have forgotten that not everyone who lives in the area can afford to dine at places with $25 entrees and $15 drinks. Like John said, the franchise owner probably thought it would be successful — there’s a real dearth of cheap options in the surrounding couple of blocks (minus mcdonalds).

      • CHGal

        Also, while i’d like to sit down and have every meal be an exquisite dining experience, sometimes I just need to grab a sandwich and get back to work.

        • Caroline

          I’m just realizing that in all the time I’ve worked near a JJ I’ve never been to it. The handful of times a year I’m going to splurge on a purchased lunch it’s something like Sweetgreen. I guess I just don’t see the point of mediocre sandwiches, even if they’re fast or cheap.

          • anon

            if there are only a few times a year that you “splurge on a purchased lunch,” then you’re not really in their target audience and it doesn’t matter if you see the point of JJ-type eateries.

          • FridayGirl

            Yeah, I feel like the target audience would be construction workers, UPS delivery people, etc. … those who don’t have the luxury of a place to keep a bagged lunch or spend $10 on a salad on the daily….

  • Bdylan89

    The owner is a big game hunter that enjoy’s slaughtering animals. Hard pass

    • TX2DC

      I believe he also was staunchly opposed to providing healthcare benefits for his employees under ACA requirements, no?

    • Philippe Lecheval

      And unlike Chicl-fil-A, the food’s not nearly good enough to make young liberals forget about their ideals.

      • Duponter

        To be honest, Chickfila is not nearly as good as it is credited for being.

        • Philippe Lecheval

          Maybe not, but I know a lot of people with very strong sociopolitical beliefs and convictions who will blatantly look the other way when it comes to Chick-fil-A.

    • spookiness

      And, they make workers sign a non-compete agreement (or at least they used to). Can’t just quit and take that proprietary sandwich-making intellectual property to Subway.

    • Duponter

      Agreed! Your money for a cruddy sandwich helps him afford his ridiculous trips to Africa where some poor Africans let him kill their endangered animals because they need the money. It’s the height of excess and grotesque. I try to make sure everyone knows about this and have never stepped foot in one of his stores.

  • Don Johnson

    I’ve never been to a Jimmy John’s for no other reason than all things being equal if there’s a local deli I’ll stop in that instead. Also there’s none close to wear I live/work. That said I’d actually like to try it (along with the new BBQ Joint and a few other places nearby). I think that location being right across from Reeves Center and a block down from both the 15th & U Gas Station and the Public Storage place will probably do very well. Plus all the foot traffic in the area and the fact that the corner McDonalds might be one of the sketchiest/scariest to walk in all hours of the day I’d say it will do well.

    • FridayGirl

      I wouldn’t say that corner is *scary*… although this will certainly provide even more reason to loiter….

    • I Dont Get It

      I walk through that corner all the often and haven’t noticed anything remotely “scary”. Is this late at night?

      • dcgator

        “scary” LAWL! Nice code word

    • Philippe Lecheval

      That corner hasn’t been what I’d call sketchy in 15 years or more. The people who loiter around the bus stop are loud and produce an incredible amount of litter, but they’re otherwise harmless to passersby.

      • Rich

        I walk through this area 4 or 5 nights a week. The whole scene is pretty forgettable and has been for quite a long time.

        Not everyone can afford the often overpriced places, but I’ve never heard a good reason to go to a JJ’s. I usually bring something for lunch and If I go out, it’s got to be something good, regardless of the price.

        • FridayGirl

          But I’m pretty sure people who can afford “something good” (like most of us on PoPville can) are probably not JJ’s target audience. There’s a lot of people who just need to eat something to get through the rest of their work day….

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Most annoying commercials ever…

  • Anonymous

    The Chinatown’ization of 14th Street continues.

  • JohnH

    Love the people complaining about this ruining the neighborhood/turning into Gallery Place. Are you kidding me?
    You obviously haven’t lived here long. U Street has for years had places like Cricket, McDonalds, Subway, 7-11, Jumbo Slice, etc.
    But yes JIMMY JOHNS ruins it! Go live in Georgetown ya snobs.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Is this an Onion thread of commenting? Jimmy John’s rocks.

  • No to JJ

    JJ is nothing special. They won’t toast your sub, only have one style of cheese selection, no salt or pepper, no yellow mustard, their “big” sub specials are really just extra lettuce, pretty much if you want anything other than exactly what they list it’s going to be a problem, which is fine, ok, I get it, but do they really need that shit face grin when they tell you they don’t toast or have salt or pepper or whatever else that other sandwich shops seem to have provided for centuries without making such a big deal? Nah, I’ll pass. Also, the founder is a prick who “hunts” endangered animals. I’m pro-hunting, I even appreciate the fact that it can help a species survive in the long run, but I don’t understand the thrill of controlled preserve “hunts.” I don’t respect people who kill for the sake of putting a head on a wall and stroking their ego.

  • reality

    JJ is the worst – just look at their CEO


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