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“I really just want to know if this man is okay.”

by Prince Of Petworth April 22, 2016 at 1:00 pm 18 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I’m trying to find some info on an accident victim.

There was a crash in front of my house late Wednesday/early Thursday, around 1am. A grey/silver moped rear-ended a car stopped at a red light at Georgia and Irving NW, across from Bruce Monroe park. He must have been going pretty fast. I heard the accident from my front bedroom and ran outside. A woman was already calling 911, but no one was assisting the man. I ran into the 77 shop on the corner there and asked for a clean cloth. They didn’t have one, supposedly. Maybe they didn’t understand what I was asking. They only offered me paper towels. I then ran back into my house to get a clean bath towel. The rider was laying in the middle of the street, bleeding profusely from his head. His helmet had come off on impact with the rear window of the car. I applied consistent pressure to the wound with the clean towel for about 10-15 minutes until the ambulance arrived. I kept talking to the man, trying to keep his eyes open, and keep him awake. He asked me repeatedly what my name was, and I told him. I couldn’t seem to get him to tell me his name, where he was going, or where he was coming from. He murmured at some point that his mother was in Colombia. His phone was dead (or possibly broken from impact) and because he landed on his head (twice) he may have had spinal trauma, so I didn’t want to move him to try and find his wallet.

When they took him away he held on to my hand and wouldn’t let go until the paramedics forced him to. They wouldn’t let me go with him because I wasn’t a friend or relation. And I don’t know which hospital they took him to.

The moral of the story is: hospitals are terrifying when you’re well. I can’t imagine what they must be like when you’ve been in a traumatic accident, and you’re unable to contact anyone to let them know you’re there. And English may not be your first language. And you’re alone.

I really just want to know if this man is okay.

Calling hospitals in the area has been fruitless, since I don’t know the man’s name, and “a moped accident victim late Wednesday night” seems to be the wrong information for the staff at the desk. Plus, privacy laws.

So, if anyone knows who this person was (hopefully still is) I would sleep a lot easier tonight if someone could confirm that he’s okay.

Thank you,

Georgia Ave Neighbor”

  • Anonymous

    I’m stunned that you were within spitting distance of the Medical Center and it took 10-15 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.
    (Ok, no not really. I’ve lived here long enough.)

    • ZetteZelle

      Ambulances aren’t dispatched from the hospital–they’re dispatched from fire stations. Clearly you *haven’t* lived here long enough…

  • Ward One Resident

    This seems to have happened in the 3rd District. I would call there or stop by (17th and V) and explain who you are and ask. Alternatively you can email the 3D commander (stuart.emerman[at}dc[dot]gov) and inquire, again explaining who you are and why/what you want to know. And thank you for helping that man.

  • Timmy

    I don’t have any information, but wanted to thank you for what you did. If I were in that man’s position, I hope there would be a person as good as you nearby.

    • textdoc

      +1. OP, bless you for what you did.

    • NH Ave Hiker

      +2 Thank you for the quick reaction first aid (and knowing enough not to move him in case of spinal injuries)

    • Ally

      +1. I’d like to think we’d all do the same, but we’ve seen that’s not the case. However the victim turned out, know that you were comforting and helpful at the most needed time. Great job.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Just came here to post exactly what Timmy said. Props to the OP; made my weekend a little brighter.

  • Just your humanity probably helped a great deal. I fell while walking the dog last year (nothing like this incident!) and dislocated my shoulder again. I was a little out of it because it is a really weird and disorienting sensation to suddenly not be able to feel your arm and I was pretty dazed. It was so kind that a couple of cars pulled over to ask if they could help me home. My dog is way too scared of strangers for that to have worked but it helped me out of my disorientation.

    It’s encouraging with all the bad things we read about here to hear of someone who has suck compassion for someone they don’t even know.

    • CPT_Doom

      I’d second that. I was in a similar situation back in ’04 when I was assaulted at the corner of Kansas and Randolph. Two little sh*ts smashed the left side of my face with a brick in what was either a very inept robbery (hint, if you’re trying to sneak up on someone, don’t wear corduroy) or a gay bashing. I managed to scare the attackers off, but was bleeding badly and disoriented. Ibran into the street on Kansas to try to flag someone down, but no one would stop – in retrospect, I don’t know many people who would stop for a screaming bleeding man in the middle of the road; two motorists did call 911 however.

      A resident came out of his house to assist me and the minute he saw me his military training as a medic kicked in. He sat me down on a curb, had his wife get me a towel and talked me down – the adrenaline was pumping – until the EMS got there. I never got his name nor could remember which house he lived in, so I could never thank him.

  • JoeOn3rd

    While I am sorry this accident occurred, it is good to know people like the OP exist here in DC. Thank you.

  • Sydney P

    The last frames of Max Ophuls’ magisterial Hotel Terminus state quietly: “Dedicated to the late Madame Bontout — a good neighbor.” Thanks for reminding us what is important, Georgia Avenue Neighbor.

  • mdtodc

    If you are still trying to figure it out:
    He was taken to medstar by DC medic 24. He should have arrived at roughly 1:48am. The last two pieces of info should help you narrow down your search.
    *DC EMS transitions are public and archived.
    The transmition sounded like he was going to be ok, except for a large cut on his head. (They didn’t mention heart rate or breathing problems etc).
    Hope that helps and kudos for being a good person.

    • mdtodc


    • Katherine OP

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to, and knowing how to, do that research. It’s not all the information I’d like, I’d love to know that they were able to reach his family, etc, but it definitely helps me to feel better.

      The cut was really large, a good portion of his forehead was just gone, and the blood he lost went all the way from point of impact to the curb. I’ve never seen anything like it. So I’m thrilled to know that hopefully, he’ll be walking away with just a really big scar.

    • Anonymous

      Can you share how you found the information. Just had an eerily similar situation to OP and really want to find out what happened to the biker who was hit.

  • callmeB

    So thankful to have kind neighbors like yourself. May we all be inspired by this. Makes me proud to live in this city and neighborhood


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