• Philippe Lecheval

    I’m surprised there weren’t more downed trees and power outages on Sunday morning. I kept waking up all night to the sound of wind gusts and large, unidentified objects being blown about and crashing into other things.

    • Warder

      Big tree in my landlord’s yard landed among 3 different neighbors’ yards and took out a few cable lines.

      Meet all your neighbors really quickly this way.

  • This is Awkward

    So grateful no one was hurt and so sad to lose such an old tree. I wonder if it was dead and that’s why it was able to be uprooted like that…or if the winds really were just bad enough to cause this. I don’t see the roots, so makes me curious.

    • AnonV2

      It’s hard to tell from that picture, and it could just be shadows, but it looks like the trunk was almost completely rotted out. I’m guessing it was mostly dead wood. That one main root that is still attached looks like the only viable one, the others just snapped.

      • This is Awkward

        Thanks for the insight Anon. The image had me wondering about how well DC handles dead tree removal/what the policy is, and if that has been an issue in the past (dead trees not being removed and then causing damage).

        • AnonV2

          Hard to tell. Trees can remain viable even with a totally rotted out core. The live wood surrounding it can provide lots of structural support and no issues as long as the root stock is healthy and firmly planted. Clearly not the case here! Trees in parks *should* be inspected for issues like this, but I’m guessing if nobody contacted the arborist specifically it’s not something that would happen on a routine basis.

      • jzdc

        OP here: A good part of the trunk was rotted out, but all the branches all had new green buds on them. Would have survived for a while longer, but it was bound to come down (by nature or man) sooner or later. The other trees in this area don’t seem to be in any better shape.
        Hope this one gets replaced soon as this portion of the park/playground is really starving for some shady space in the summer.

  • andy

    On inspection, yes, there was a huge amount of rot. Wild guess, more than 2/3 of the circumference of the wood where trunk broke off was rotted wood.

  • bruno

    Love the cadence of “down on Upshur.”

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a lot of potential firewood. It will have the entire year to dry out, if you have a backyard storage area.
    Get your chainsaw, Petworth residents.


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