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Friday Question of the Day – Last Great Movie You’ve Seen?

by Prince Of Petworth April 28, 2016 at 10:22 pm 74 Comments


Time for one of my favorite questions (stay tuned for some reading recs soon too) – with a little one grabbing a bit of attention at the home front I’ve fallen way far behind on the movie scene. And I love movies so I’m eager to hear some recommendations for ones I need to catch up on. So let’s say the last 6 months – a year, what movie(s) do I need to see. Let’s narrow it down to top three. Thanks!

  • Billy Dalton

    Just rewatched I’ve Long You So Long with Kristen Scott Thomas – French movie about a woman acclimating back to the world after being in prison.

  • yesjillsergeant

    Just saw The Jungle Book in the theater and it was truly wonderful and visually stunning! Also, Ex Machina is streaming on Amazon Prime. One of my favorites from last year.

    • oh2dc

      +1 – “Ex Machina” was amazing!

      • ctk


      • stacksp

        Glad to see that it’s on prime. I’ll check it out this weekend.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Mad Max: Fury Road!!

    • NH Ave Hiker


    • stacksp

      Severely overrated to me but a lot of people like it

    • Etoring

      Yeah, I didn’t get why people were so excited about Mad Max, either. Was it just the strong female component? Otherwise, and including that, it just seemed like a pretty standard mindless action flick.

      • NH Ave Hiker

        I think it was the way the filming was done.

    • Anon

      +1. I loved Mad Max!

    • Jesse D

      +1 Mad Max

  • oh2dc

    Haven’t seen too many movies lately, but I really enjoyed “The Big Short” this winter.

    • dat

      That’s what I came here to say :-)

    • palisades

      The Big Short and Spotlight are my two required 2015 viewings. Poignant, haunting, wonderful storytelling, and told in a respectful way (this goes for both movies).

  • Kukki Bakemono

    The Martian was the last “great” movie I’ve seen. It’s unfathomable how much money we’ve spent rescuing Matt Damon.

    • wdc

      He’s a national treasure. No price is too high. And I also quite liked The Martian.

  • Jeff

    The Star Wars

    • Etoring

      Back in those innocent days when they thought they’d only have to blow up one Death Star and then find another way to end their movies.

      Oh, how naive we were.

  • GoodFilm

    Far From Men

    • palisades

      Wow i was just reading about that film because I wondered what the hell happened to Viggo Mortenson. I might have to check it out.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    The Big Short was good, definitely worth seeing, but the last really GREAT movie I think I saw was Spotlight.

    • womp

      +1 to Spotlight. It stayed with me for a long time after seeing it.

      • stacksp

        No jail time for the offenders in Spotlight is a shame and a travesty. Why one would want to cover up something like that is beyond me.

        • NH Ave Hiker

          it’s because the Catholic Church is so influential in Boston, and has always been such a huge part of people’s lives. People don’t want to rock the boat, unfortunately.

      • kl00t

        +1 for Spotlight!

    • Anon

      +1. Sooooo good.

  • Kingman Park

    Ex Machina

    • palisades


  • deadpool!

    • Anon

      +1, Deadpool was awesome.

  • U neighbor

    Spotlight > big short

  • mandalyyn

    Viva at Filmfest DC. https://youtu.be/S097UTL057I

    • textdoc

      How was Filmfest DC this year?
      I used to go religiously, often seeing two movies in one night… but I felt like the quality of the selections was gong own, and I haven’t been in a few years.

      • textdoc

        “Down,” not “own.” I don’t know what’s up with my laptop keyboard today.


    It Follows….scary

    • Mike McMikeface

      It Follows is a fantastic little horror movie. The Babadook was also freaky.

    • Bloomy

      Last great horror suspense films: The Visit and El Orfanato (the English version is almost as good: The Orphanage).

  • kbloomingdale

    Spotlight for sure.

    An oldie but goodie that I watched again recently was “The Man Who Would be King”. Remember when my HS history teacher showed us all these old ones during classes, and they’ve stuck with me ever since.

  • Etoring

    I Origins

  • anon&confused

    Sicario. It has stayed with me for months now. Truly haunting.

    • palisades

      Deakins is unparalleled with his camerawork.

      • anon&confused

        YES! It was all those long, slow, panning shots. Really felt like a horror film. The soundtrack fit perfectly, too.

    • stacksp

      Sicario is awesome

  • hiphopanonymous

    Eye in the Sky. I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie and definitely had us discussing the ethics of war afterwards. And Helen Mirren/Alan Rickman are always awesome.

  • Jill

    Streaming or in theaters? Last night I discovered That’s Not Us on Netflix, and while I haven’t finished it (I want to savor it a little) it’s been SO compelling.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Newish movie: “The Big Short.” Saw it at Atlantic Plumbing, which was very nice. We have a little one, too, so getting out is rare.
    Any old movie: “Ninotchka” with Greta Garbo. (“Garbo laughs!”) Recorded from TCM and watched it over the past couple nights, which is what it takes to get through a full-length movie in our house.

    • palisades

      Watching random black and white movies on TCM is such a great way to spend a rainy night.

      • Truxton Thomas

        Love TCM. I DVR a lot from it and attempt to educate myself on old films. Sometimes I find a new favorite (“Grand Hotel”) and other times I find myself unmoved and checking the box (the Marx Brothers).

  • Stavros

    Crimes And Misdemeanors

  • AJSE

    I really liked Trainwreck!

    • MSP

      +1 Trainwreck was the last movie I saw in the theater, and I thought it was exceptionally good for the genre.

  • I loved Spy – a funny James Bond-style flick with Melissa McCarthy. I’ve seen it a few times, and it always makes me laugh. And I agree with the others on Spotlight – it stayed with me a long time.

  • Cassie

    Pan’s Labyrinth

    • palisades

      +1. Should be required viewing for anyone interested in fantasy, horror, drama, history, or Spain. The only good movie Del Toro has done.

  • cwjCP

    Dope was great. It’s on Netflix

    • palisades

      I thought it was way too on the nose and had poor storytelling and character development. There was a quality story somewhere in that movie, but they tried so hard to make it hip and cool that it completely fell flat. I did enjoy the closing credits scene where he dances to the humpty, though.

    • Anon

      I really liked Dope. I thought it was clever (particularly in the way that it handled the model minority student goes to college), funny, and the soundtrack was killer. Also, all the performances were really good, particularly the lead. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more of him soon. Did you happen to see Tangerine by any chance? Also on Netflix and another example of the diverse range of films that came out last year (not that the Academy would notice).

    • divebar311

      Absolutely LOVED Dope.

  • tiff

    A most violent year

    • palisades

      Great movie, but not for everyone. Really slow and brooding. I wouldn’t recommend it to a casual movie viewer

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I can’t remember the last truly great movie I saw, but getting to experience The Hateful Eight in Ultra Panavision 70 was a special treat for the film nerd in me.

    • textdoc

      Yep — same here.

  • transplanted

    Embrace of the Serpent. Not to be missed, seriously.

    • logandude


  • Kingman Park


  • textdoc

    This thread makes me realize just how much my moviegoing has declined since the time I got a cat — I’m really having troubling remembering the last great movie I saw.
    I saw a Hong Kong film named “Dearest” last summer in the Freer Gallery’s annual “Made in Hong Kong” film series, and that was pretty moving — it hit me a lot harder than I expected.

  • Gumball

    Big Short, Mad Max, Spotilght, Revenant, Deadpool (do not watch around the kids), Jungle Book

  • Petworth neighbor

    Cloverfield Lane was so much fun, twists galore. Spotlight deserved its Oscar win and was much more suspenseful than I expected. Diary of a teenage girl–nailed it and shout out to the female leads.

  • divebar311

    Not a new movie but the last ‘great’ movie I saw on Netflix was ‘I Saw the Devil’. Haunting, scary and riveting. I love horror/thrillers and this is on the best I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t recommend watching it alone.

    Snowpiercer was great as well.

  • CalvinSz

    Beasts of No Nation. Amazing.

  • TropicBird

    1968 Jean Luc Godard’s “Sympathy for the Devil” – notwithstanding all the weird New Wave stuff spliced into it, watching The Rolling Stones put together the song in the studio was terrific, Rocky Dijon on the congas really pulls it all together. The other Godard movies I’ve seen can be summarized by “bad boy meets good girl, somebody dies at the end.”

  • DowntownJim84

    I thought Stoplight was amazing as both a dirge to journalism and documentation of a tragic moment in religious history. Cheers, guys.

  • Stenhy

    Sing Street at AFI. Smart and very entertaining.


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