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  • accendo

    Looking forward to trying this one!

  • Anonymouse

    How many fast casual medi places are in DC now? Cava grill, Skwr, grk, roti, yamas… I’m not complaining but I can’t imagine this place could offer anything different.

    • MVT_anon

      I don’t disagree. Though, whether it offers anything different isn’t the question; instead, it’s “how convenient is ___[insert fast casual medi name]___ for me?”
      To my knowledge, MVT’s nearest fast casual medi is Cava in Chinatown and Roti in NoMa. Cava is by far my favorite in just about every category (when my girlfriend and I were long distance, she always met me at the airport with Cava in hand), but it seems like it’s always crazy busy due to Convention Center traffic. If it’s done well, Shouk will be a good edition to the neighborhood.
      TL; DR – like pizza places, it’s about convenience more than saturation

      • accendo

        True . . . and there is also a pizza place coming next door to Shouk.


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