Washington, DC

shanghai garden

I got word recently that the “Black Restaurant Group, LLC (BRG) is excited to announce the reopening of Addie’s Restaurant. BRG has signed a 20-year lease with local developer, Foulger-Pratt, and the restaurant will open in the upcoming Park Potomac Development, located at 12435 Park Potomac Avenue in Potomac, Md.” Anyway it got me thinking about other restaurants that have closed and reopened and ones I’d love to see reopen.

This is a very, very tough question that I’m dying to know your answer. Despite the photo above (and I’d also love to see Yenching Palace resurrected), I would pick Yanni’s in a heartbeat. I still weep when I pass their former location though I do like Medium Rare. Anyway, which restaurant would you most like to see return from the dead?


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