Washington, DC


Thanks to a reader for passing on from Bikestation:

Bikestation DC members: the Bike and Roll mechanics report that some of their fleet bikes were stolen this week overnight when their cable lock(s) were cut.

The parking room will now only be open during staffed hours M-Sa (7AM – 7PM) and Su (8Am – 7PM) until further notice.

Please report if you saw any suspicious activities inside such as loitering to us or the onsite staff.

All member bikes parked must be:
– securely locked to the rack with a u-lock or better. AND

– must have a current Bikestation parking sticker on the frame.

Double check your records to make sure you have a photo of your bike and your bike data: make, model, year and frame number on your smart phone.

The Bike and Roll staff (BnR) have given us an update on what they found today when the Bikestation DC opened.

The BnR fleet bikes were taken again. And other bikes [not locked to racks?] were moved around and onto other bikes.

We need ALL members to visit the Bikestation during shop hours to check on their bike.

BnR staff will also be physically locking the doors at night until this is resolved.

Bikestation will not be able to over ride this lock down remotely. So you MUST remove any bike that you need to ride when the shop is closed.”


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