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  • FridayGirl

    And people were making fun of Philz? Cava isn’t even NEW! They’re all over! Were they giving out free stuff?

    • anon

      free, with suggested donation to food charity

  • “Keeping with Cava opening day traditions, the public is invited to celebrate the new location with Community Day, where lunch (grain bowls, salads, and pitas) will be free from 11am-2pm on Friday, April 1st.”

  • anon

    It’s going to be too bad when all those people who are waiting in that long line find out it was all just an April Fool’s Joke. No free food for anyone.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Wait till they hear about the “no smartphones while waiting in line” rule.

  • Big Sherm

    may be a good day to go to Bub and Pops…

    • asg

      It’s always a good day to go to Bub and Pop’s.

  • dcd

    Lunch is $10 at Cava. I LOVE their food, but is it really worth the wait?

    • FridayGirl

      +1. That’s what I was thinking. They have great food, and free is cool, but this isn’t a novel thing. So I’m quite surprised at the line!

    • MCR

      It’s free today!

      • dcd

        I’m aware. But is it worth an hour long wait to sate the $10?

    • Anonymous

      I see a line of people with too little work. All of them are in office attire. It would be interested to see what happens when their bosses walk by….

      • womp

        or they have flexible schedules? my boss wouldn’t care what i was doing for lunch as long as my shit was getting done on time and was of good quality.

    • jumpingjack

      When I was 23 I’d stand in line for hours for free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s. Those days are long gone, my time’s worth a lot more than that.

    • TX2DC

      A fair amount of the people pictured appear to be college age so they may place a higher value on a free meal than others. I sure didn’t bypass free food in college.

      • ***

        A fair amount of the people working downtown appear to be college age.

  • wdc

    Tells you a lot about how people assess the value of their time.

    • Hill Denizen

      Or the price of food.

  • what?

    It’s shocking what people are willing to do for a “free” meal. Wizards games are never louder than when the opponents are shooting free throws in the 4th for a free chick filet sandwich. It’s pretty embarrassing considering the amount of wealth in this city. Please note that these are not starving people that need to do this.

    • sick dude

      think this may be the most stuck up comment I’ve ever seen on this website

  • KenyonDweller

    Wait till they find out that they have to plunk down $1000 so they can get their lunch next year.

  • Boozehound

    It’s $9. Is nine bucks really worth that line? Seriously, I’m looking at that line, and just by some of the clothes I know those folks make way more than me, and there’s no way I’d wait in that line just for a free salad. Plus, I’d take Shophouse over a free meal at Cava any day ;)


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