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Amanda shares some more details about yesterday afternoon’s big fight outside the NoMa Metro:

“I spoke with a McKinley student… That school and Dunbar High schedule a fight about 2x a year bc they are rivals. It was madness.

the student said, “nobody wants to make peace” and that a student from 1 school will text another to set the time to fight.

the picture you see has less people than originally. They started near 1st and NY Ave NE as far as I saw. Two ambulances came late.”

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  1. omg. kids are stupid these days. not all kids, but man….a lot are. lol

  2. I went to a DCPS high school back in the 90s, we weren’t allowed to visit other DCPS high schools because of violence between schools.
    Kids have always been stupid many grow up to be stupid adults who make dumb comments about “kids today.”

  3. I went to a suburban high school in the 90s and we had well attended fights with our rival schools. We just didn’t communicate them by text message and no one ever called the cops.

  4. My cousin was moaning about his son’s bad decisions at Christmas, and saying things like “kids today” and “why doesn’t he THINK??”
    When our other cousins and I finished laughing our asses off, we spent the next half-hour talking about the time he played chicken, on foot, with a car. (He won. Prize: some broken ribs.) The time he tried to use a sheet of warped plywood as a ramp to jump a creek on an ATV. (He ended up in a barbed wire fence. 30+ stitches.) The time he taunted the ram during breeding season. (Spent a couple days in the hospital with internal bleeding…) All the times he picked fights he couldn’t win. He just left the room at some point, never having admitted that stupid teenagers aren’t specific to any one time or place.

  5. In the 90s, we (group of white girls from the burbs) went to bad (but super cheap) ska/punk/rap/go-go shows at Cardozo HS all the time. And every time, a huge fight broke out in the street. Luckily we were always in a group, and after the first one, we knew how to avoid them.

  6. I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record!
    Oh, yeah? Well, don’t get so distressed
    Did I happen to mention that I’m impressed?

  7. +1000 ha so true

  8. Have you seen “West Side Story”?

  9. *snap*snap*snap*

  10. Stay golden Ponyboy!

  11. I’d pay money to see The Outsiders as a musical.

  12. “When you’re a Soc, you’re a Soc all the way . . . “

  13. What utter bollocks. Teenagers.

  14. And the loser buys the winner lunch at Au Bon Pain.

  15. This isn’t just kids stuff. The teenagers in the Eckington/NoMa and surrounding neighborhoods have been participating in all kinds of violent attacks directed at each other and perfect strangers. There needs to be a serious intervention at the local schools with stronger monitoring and enforcement.

  16. Or, you know, just some repercussions for actions instead of slaps on the wrists.

  17. “What’s wrong with this picture?” – your not-so-subtle racism?

  18. I love how people can casually throw around the term racism as a means of silencing someone just for saying things you don’t want to hear. You can grow up and have a legitimate conversation, or let your feelings stand in the way.

  19. “legitimate conversation” with a person seriously blaming teenage violence on food stamps? No thanks, bud.

  20. i love the assumption that all young black kids are on welfare somehow

  21. There’s no better way to out oneself as an insular, isolated bigot, is there?

  22. I interpreted it as poor kids are more likely to commit crimes as well as receive public assistance. I think the poster is saying that if you do the former, you should lose the latter.

  23. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad, and if kids in DC weren’t killing and getting killed as a natural evolution of this worldview. How hopeless does your community have to be if this is what you think being in high school is all about? “Making peace”? Over what???

  24. Hope last nights shooting on Q st is unrelated

  25. Oh man, is there any hope for this city? Such a sick, backwards, broken pathology.

  26. Paul, please pull your head out of your ass. Teenage rivalries happen across the country. The violence that stems out of them isn’t just a reflection of “the city” but a wide, complex set of socioeconomic circumstances. Why are you even piping in here if it’s this clear that you don’t care to do anything to make the situation any better?

  27. This is such a pile of nonsense. I’m really sorry for some Pop commenters that you think this is normal and reflective of your high school situation. I graduated high school in the late 90s, so I’m not so old I don’t remember it. We had some fights after school (1v1) and what I consider usual teenage nonsense (pot, beer, probably even some drunken driving). We did NOT have hundreds of students showing up for gang fights with a rival school. If you did, I’m sorry, your school sucked and your experience was not normal or acceptable.

  28. Yea, things never really got this out of hand at Prep. I wish I knew why that was.

  29. I went to a large, diverse public school in the Midwest – approx 2,500 students. Not a prep school by any means. Graduated in the late 90s. And never, to my knowledge, did anything like this happen while I was there. This sort of behavior is abnormal and disturbing, and people who make excuses about socioeconomics or teenage culture are in reality making the problem worse and totally failing these kids.

  30. Also, even if folks did have huge school-on-school fights, did their hometowns also have 15-year-olds getting murdered by other teenagers in the middle of the day? “Teens being teens” isn’t the same in a city where escalation of menial spats into murder seems to be the norm.

  31. I will agree to this. Unfortunately, some of these kids will escalate the fight in ways not imaginable to those of us who grew up in less urban environments.
    That said, we had “rumbles” at my high schools in Southern California – Mexicans vs. Blacks, Filipino vs. Vietnamese crews, football players from rival high schools brawling in the In-N-Out parking lot, etc. The digital age just allows these moments of stupidity to get even bigger and be documented.

  32. Way to disregard any sense of personal responsibility that these kids and their patents seem to lack. Keep saying it’s not their fault, that’ll help them to become better people.

  33. You seem to have some awkward agenda here. Please point me to the post(s) that obviates fault or personal responsibility.

  34. This is sad. But honestly this isn’t something that is surprising, and I’m sure it happens all over the country, not just DC, and probably has been for decades. My brother went to an all-boys school in Texas and every year, they would meet up at a designated location to fight the rival all-boys school. And these were mostly wealthy, sheltered, kids. I’m sure I’ll get beat up for saying this, but stupid teens will be stupid teens. And I’m sure there are plenty of other issues at play here in DC, but I’m just not that shocked by this particular event.

  35. This was a regular thing at my [mostly white, mostly upper-middle and upper class] high school in New York, and I have a friend from a rural part of Minnesota who has told me of some similar and horrible sh!t that went down there as well. The only really big difference is that those fights were typically on school property where said property was a sprawling campus not in the middle of a dense urban environment full of people not affiliated with the school. It would often be out back somewhere after a basketball or football game.

  36. IDGI SR also went to an all boys high school and was elected cheerleader not so much for his school spirit but for his fighting ability sicne apparently post-game rumbles were common.

  37. Well, if you get beat up for saying it, you can at least rest assured that the commenters of Popville only have civilized, 1v1 fights, conducted with strict adherence to the Marquess of Queensberry rules.
    When I was a kid we called these fights “rumbles”. I’m not sure how exactly they were organized, since social media and text messaging hadn’t been invented yet, but somehow huge groups of white middle class kids got the word anyway.

  38. “Sir, Sir! I do challenge you to a duel!”
    “Quite prudent, Oscar! I’ll bring the uncapped épées!”

  39. While I agree we all (myself included) did some dumb crap in high school and luckily I never got hurt. Now, the issue with this situation I believe two (it may have been one.) were arrested with tasers and one with a knife. When I was in high school we didn’t bring those to fights….. And we are seeing it more and more often.

  40. Thank you Anon MPD! I don’t think that folks are excusing this behavior – more so pointing out that it’s not just DC.

  41. I heard a taser at Kennedy Rec Center playground last year. Some kid showing off for his friends threatening to tase littler kids on the playground. If I had seen who it was, I would have flagged down the nearest officer. Unbelievable.

  42. is it wrong that I thought “well at least they’re enrolled in a school and seem to care about it….”

    better than dropping out, i guess.

  43. It’s sad that the sense of community, or the lack thereof, has devolved to this.

  44. Scheduling a fight in front of the ATF building seems like a bright idea.

  45. Bill O’Reilly everybody, give him a big hand

  46. I’m going to start copying and pasting my comments, too. So much easier than saying something new each time!

  47. Another their parents must be on welfare comment.

  48. For context, last week Villanova students (75% white) rioted, set fires, and even assaulted a police horse for good measure after their team NCAA basketball championship. There are countless examples of similar behavior, but that’s the most recent.

    Meanwhile two dumb kids get in a fist fight while their friends watch and people in this comment section want to ban food stamps.

  49. The student who assaulted the police horse was arrested and charged. Why would there be comments about riots in Villanova on a local DC blog?

  50. A great example of why the school system in DC is permanently broken, and why this city will never be able to move forward and become any better.


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