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A reader reports:

“Must be an after school fight but not like back in the day. About 100 kids in the middle of the street and 10 cop cars…loud speaker telling them to get out the street get out the street. They moved down to the Galludet Metro at 2nd and N NE.”

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  1. Maybe someone jacked the last cinnamon scone. People go hard at Au Bon Pain.

  2. They go hard in the Pain. ftfy

  3. Seen this far too often. In NW area too, near Chinatown. Huge groups of teenagers fighting/otherwise raising hell. Cops not really doing anything.

  4. I wonder what the reader means by “but not like back in the day”. Meaning the cops used to not respond to after school fights?

  5. Probably means that there was no social media back in the day. Now? A “fight” between two idiots can bring out a flash-mob of 100 kids in 20 minutes. Back in the day, there were maybe 15 other people around to watch a high school fight.

  6. Back in the day it was one on one fights I’m guessing and not a 100 person scuffle.

  7. Or rather 100+ onlookers as stated above

  8. ShepherdStreet

    I didn’t see this on Popville, but somewhat related is this incident from the other night when a guy was jumped by a group of teens in Noma. This keeps happening!

  9. A buddy of mine was approached for a light and was pistol whipped and robbed of his cell phone. Happens often but not everyone reports it. He didn’t report it to the police. Licked his wounds and kept it moving

  10. He should have reported it. Even if he didn’t expect to get his cell phone back, there could have been some security footage or something else that could help identify this person. Instead, he let a violent criminal with a gun move on to the next victim.

  11. “Instead, he let a violent criminal with a gun move on to the next victim.” That’s not a very fair characterization.
    Stacksp’s friend should have reported it — even if the report didn’t lead to the robber being caught, it would at least make the crime figures for the neighborhood more accurate.

  12. This was along Connecticut Ave not too far from the CVS. He was walking up the hill

  13. Not to criticize your friend – I know firsthand how much being robbed at gunpoint blows, but a relevant anecdote: the last time I was robbed, there had been another robbery 30 minutes earlier at the exact same location likely by the same suspects. The earlier victim reported it the next day. My point is not to criticize that victim either (hell, maybe they took her phone, and maybe she didn’t have another one at home, and I’m sure the fact that she did not speak English didn’t make it any easier for her either), but it is relevant because if it had been reported immediately, there would have been a bunch of officers at the scene when I was walking by 30 minutes later, and I most likely would not have been robbed on that occasion.

  14. they were going to flash mob the BATF.

  15. Maybe they had troubled childhoods.

    Oh. They’re having troubled childhoods.

    Never mind.


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