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Village Whiskey Rising in Blagden Alley

by Prince Of Petworth March 21, 2016 at 10:22 pm 16 Comments

Blagden Alley next to Rogue 24 and La Colombe across from the new Columbia Room

The liquor license placard for Village Whiskey says:

“New full-service American restaurant with 62 interior seats. Total Occupancy Load is 148. Rooftop Summer Garden.”

Philly Mag reported:

“The Garces Group is still very much in expansion mode, and Jose Garces announced this week that he’s bringing a Village Whiskey to the Shaw neighborhood of Washington D.C. The bourbon bar will open at 920 N Street Northwest (Rear/Blagden Alley NW). The space will be 4,459 square feet.”

Check out the Philly menus here.

Back in February 2014 Chef Jose Garces opened Rural Society, Argentine Steakhouse, at 1177 15th Street, NW.

  • Lisa

    Huge space. This was an empty lot where Long View Gallery used to have their outdoor events. There was one point in the planning/announcements about this that the roof deck was going to be on top of Rogue 24. Boy would that have chapped Cooper’s hide. RJ must have really gotten on Douglas Jamal’s nerves about something. But Chef Cooper is not there to worry about it anymore…

    • All normal decent people

      “Chef Cooper” lol. There’s one self inflated piece of garbage that won’t be missed by anyone except by the bill collectors.

      • 9thStreetNW

        You got that right. Glad to see Rogue go. Now it looks like he’s off to a new city to start the process all over again.

        • Obviously YMMV on a given night, but Rogue 24 provided the best singular dining experience I had in 9 years so far in DC. I’m certainly not questioning RJ’s reputation as somewhat of a blowhard though, and don’t really know about his allegations as a debtor, merely commenting on the food and service.

          • lizcolleena

            I have to agree. Rogue was by far the best meal in my time at DC, and my personal experience with the chef (we were seated right next to the open kitchen) was great. He was welcoming and funny. I’m sure there’s a different side he shows to colleagues, partners, etc.

  • The Philly one is pretty solid, with really good burgers.

    • MtP

      +1. Great burgers and great whiskey cocktails. Hope the one here can recreate some of the Philly vibe

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Transplanted Philly restaurants seem to work a lot better here than transplanted NYC concepts.

      • Now just bring us a One Shot and Zahav and we’ll be good. Oh and some BYOB while you’re at it.

      • Eleven

        My husband and I would also like to request a place serving legit Philly food (give me the rabe!) where we can all watch an Eagles game (and without being relegated to the basement – looking at you, Ventor).

        • ST21

          Nah. No shot on eagles bar.

  • dh

    can’t wait. they had one of these in Revel Atlantic City. was really bummed when Revel closed down. really happy this is coming to DC. that sly fox cheese sauce tho…

  • BADude

    Does anyone know the open date for this?

    • Obviously much construction/buildout remains but I’ll definitely be updating/posting when an exact date is announced!

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    Are they still planning to build that crazy micro unit project here where they’re hoping to get “the millennials” to pay $3,000 a month for 300 square foot studio apartments? (But also amenities! and a catwalk!)

    • ml

      I haven’t heard anything about it in a while, but as far as I can tell from news sources, the permits were approved. The Rent-a-Wreck that occupies one of the parking lots that they are planning to build over cleared out the lot a few months ago, and I speculate it’s in preparation for construction.


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