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“Sweet Sweet Karma – Pennsylvania bike lane edition”

by Prince Of Petworth March 25, 2016 at 2:00 pm 12 Comments


Sweet Sweet Karma – Pennsylvania bike lane edition

“Biking home this evening, stopped at Penn and 10th when a driver decided to cut through the bikelanes about two feet behind me. After a brief exchange of words from both myself and the driver he proceeded to cut through the lanes nearly knocking me over. I’d like to think the colorful language and hand gestures I provided distracted him and that is why he didn’t notice the federal protective service SUV not 20 feet away.

Sweet sweet karma was watching him get pulled over to the applause of the rest of the bikers in the bikelane and the 30 or so pedestrians crossing the crosswalk.”

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  • o2bncdg

    Great story.

  • Jason

    I’ll be raising a glass and a smile! Thanks for sharing this :)

  • biketowork

    As a regular bike commuter on Penn Ave this story is great to hear. The last time a car tried to do a u turn across the bike lane it was a cab, so I blocked him long enough to get his info (plate #, company, etc). I filed a complaint with the taxi commission and got a reply that the complaint was being dismissed without explanation. So, that was frustrating. But it’s good to know that every once in a while a driver will actually get caught for this.

    • anon

      cabs do this all the time near the Wilson building. Totally infuriating and unsettling when they do it suddenly

  • asdf

    *Applauds loudly*

  • ajr

    For as many times as I have seen this happen on Penn I’m very happy to hear the driver was pulled over and you were unharmed.

  • PennAveCommuter

    YES! This is so great to hear. Hopefully this will happen more often and serve as a lesson so other drivers stop cutting through the bike lanes.

  • ET

    I am clapping and smiling and I didn’t even see it! The ticket may not have been much $$ but that they got it just after being called out about makes ever so much sweeter.

  • albany

    Fantastic, great story.

  • tacopuss

    That officer’s name? Albert “$100% true” Einstein.

  • anon

    everyone biking these parts should exercise caution. There are more crowds this time of year and more people surprised to encounter cyclists using lanes. From jaywalkers through 15th St. track to pedestrians crossing or waiting on the median, I’m much more on-guard with my bell than usual.

  • petworther

    Seems like it should be easy to mount a traffic cam that would catch illegal turns through those lanes, no?


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