• DCDuchess

    Yes, thanks to this, it took me 55 minutes to drive from RI Ave down to Penn Ave.
    And 10th Street was closed only every other block, so you thought you could go straight down but no….

    I was having words with one military guy on 10th St which was partially open and his buddy came out of his car to check out what was going on with his hand on his gun. WTF???

    Thanks guys!

  • dd

    What’s up with the S2 Federal Triangle bus not going past 13th and I? I know some roads are blocked but they could have gone a different way. Did WMATA put out a Nuclear Summit schedule update?

  • A Little Perplexed

    Can anyone explain succinctly why this summit has such bonkers security? This seems far worse than what I remember for other gatherings that drew protesters.

    • JS

      It’s not for fear of protesters, it’s the fact that something like 50 heads of state are going to be in the same place at one time.

      • transplanted


      • David T.

        Then, it would seem to me, that a better location for this summit would be some remote location where the military could completely control the perimeter without shutting down half of a large city for half a week. I seem to recall that the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia already has built-in bunkers…

        • JS

          The Greenbrier only has 33 suites available and you how heads of state HATE splitting rooms.

          • dd


        • andy2

          No because there is also the Nuclear Industry Summit and the Nuclear NGO Summit happening concurrently in the city. This is the second (and last time it’ll happen in DC so calm down. The world is safer because of the work done for these summits.
          Plus this is the price of leadership. Obama laid out a plan in Prague in 2009 and has actually carried through with it. So chill folks and breathe easy Friday at 10pm when the motorcades are gone and traffic is all back to normal.

          If you don’t like living in DC and dealing with this – move to West Virginia!

          • Mamasan

            Thank you. I live on 10th and M and this is a hassle, but the issue is so important that I’m stunned anybody has the nerve to complain and expect sympathy.

          • annonny

            How long have you lived in DC, Mamasan? I’m only half joking when I tell you to get used to people complaining – so many unjustifiably self-important people in this town who believe their personal inconvenience is the biggest tragedy of the current age.

          • Mamasan

            I’ve been here 8 years, Annonny, so this is my 2nd nuclear summit at this location, and I didn’t remember hearing quite so much whining the last time. I shouldn’t be surprised, I know, but I got taken aback.

          • Mamasan

            Le sigh.

    • TX2DC

      They bring out these giant gates and layers of security for inaugurations.

    • Hansel (so hot right now)

      Someone tried to kill the Claymation dude.

  • Accountering

    I saw this this morning – felt like pretty serious overkill. Absent some sort of serious threats (which are possible of course) the militarization of NW was ridiculous. I did enjoy blowing by hundreds of cars on my bike though.

    • sbc

      be careful though. In 2010 when they had this summit, the military vehicles were driving terribly. A cyclist got killed when she was hit by a humvee.

    • elbeech

      +1 to blowing by cars on my bike. It was so satisfying!

  • TX2DC

    It looks like the beginning of a zombie apocalypse to me. :-)

  • May be a silly question, but what if people live here? Are they allowed to go home?

    • WeinDC

      Yes, we can walk home, but our cars are “stuck” and have been all weeks.

      Also, ask about the street sweeping if your car is trapped and you are unable to move it. Seems we still get tickets anyway.

      • Duponter

        The city suspended street cleaning (and ticketing) on streets impacted by this. That was covered on PoP this week. And you had weeks of notice to move your car to keep it from getting “trapped.”

    • Megan

      Yeah, you can. I had to get permission this morning to take the dog to daycare at Wagtime but they let you down the sidewalks, you just have to go out and cross at the openings — you can’t walk straight down 9th street, for example. You’d have to come out on 10th and then head back down the other side of the street. On another note, the vehicle check point is right across the street from me and they’ve got a lot of military police there 24 hours now and my dog growled ALL night long.

  • WeinDC

    Walking to work a few of us got stopped because some VIP needed to get out of the gates. We had to wait so he could go where ever important it was that he was going (at 7th and Mass gate).

    I do enjoy the burning incense the free Tibet people have be lighting at Carnegie Library. Adds a special something the air around there.

  • sproc

    I ran the perimeter at about 5AM. With barely any pedestrian or vehicle traffic, yet a zillion cops, soldiers, flood lights and fences containing something vaguely mysterious and ominous, it felt like I was on a post-apocalyptic movie set.

  • Mark

    Even on a normal day, patches of DC can be eerily similar to City 17.

  • anon_1

    brought to you by Bechtel

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Woodley Park is also a mess. Apparently the Chinese president is staying at the Omni Shoreham, so every Chinese American in the country has been bussed into the neighborhood to greet him 24/ 7. The security barriers and police presence are pretty crazy.

    • S

      Seriously – it was wall-to-wall charter buses yesterday evening all down Calvert St.

  • Truxton

    Last night the city had about 20 or so salt trucks (like those pictured above) parked on New Jersey Avenue in Truxton and for a minute, I thought, is a blizzard coming and I missed the news?

  • brantshali

    Best use of the DC snowplows so far……. ;)


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